Risk Management for the Facilities Management Industry

Since facilities management (FM) touches nearly every large industry, a unique, agile supply chain infrastructure is required. FM companies are often focused on financial matters when it comes to suppliers, including insurance and financial solvency. Gate access is also a hot-button issue, so visibility into the supply chain is crucial. FM companies rely on Avetta to track supplier certificates of insurance, financial health screenings, and alignment with client-specific standards.

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Importance of Location in Supply Chain Management

The location in a supply chain network needs to be considered because the relationship between the physical flow of materials and information forms a network with both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Finding the optimal location for industry facilities and creating the most efficient network possible will allow you to meet the demands of your customers and lower your costs. Do this by creating logical location clusters and then analyzing, reviewing, and refining the routes.

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Improve Cost Management

Are you paying too much for your facility? Is your energy bill in line with your competitors? Do your employees waste resources unknowingly? Finding the answers to these questions is difficult, not to mention time intensive.

Calculated into the costs of your facility is the cost of contractor compliance. After all, additional costs they incur nearly always end up on your plate. Avetta helps by collecting and validating supplier documentation to confirm they are following your requirements.

Coordinate Teams with Ease

Coordinate Teams with Ease

With multiple departments working together to achieve one centralized task, it’s important to develop a strong team. Part of this is achieved by having individuals on-site who are trained and proficient at their assigned roles.

Avetta verifies that the contractors you work with are trained and certified according to your specifications. You don’t have to worry about suppliers wasting time on tasks they don’t know how to do. Instead, you’ll get the job done right, the first time.

Keep Accurate Records

Keep Accurate Records

Keeping tabs on all of your contractors and suppliers, from the janitor to the HVAC technician, is a big job. It requires hundreds of documents and even more hours spent reviewing them.

Avetta simplifies the process, keeping all of your contractor information in one easy location. Our cloud-based solution is accessible wherever you are and lets you know when insurance plans or policies are about to expire, removing the need for paper files and spreadsheets.

Work with Quality Vendorss

Work with Quality Vendors

You work hard to make sure that your job is completed effectively and efficiently, shouldn’t your contractors do the same? Avetta helps organizations work with quality vendors that uphold the same values they do.

Additionally, through Supplier Reviews, you are able to keep track of the vendors that go above and beyond the basic task. Helping you choose the best suppliers time and time again.

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