Health and safety

Extend visibility and compliance to your subcontractors

Subcontractors introduce unique challenges. Identify potential risks early and proactively mitigate or eliminate them before they escalate.

Extend your compliance programs to all contractor tiers

Subcontractors perform vital work, but also introduce additional risk. Limited control, varying skill levels and potential regulatory gaps are just a few of the challenges that can compromise project success.

Achieve deeper visibility

Quickly gain insights into demographic and compliance details for you as well as all Prime contractors.

Streamline sourcing processes

Prime contractors can easily discover, invite and connect with new subcontractors for projects.

Standardize and scale compliance

Subcontractors undergo the same prequalification process as prime contractors.

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Gain valuable compliance and risk insights for all your subcontractors

Reduce operational risk

Allow subcontractors to quickly access, understand and comply with your requirements as well as regulatory compliance. Actively manage subcontractors without increasing your workload by sourcing, inviting and engaging them in one tool.
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Get in-depth information

Gain visibility of subcontractor compliance with the same functionality you have for your contractors and suppliers. Get real-time insights into project risks like cyber security, financial viability, diversity qualifications and more.
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Leverage robust analytics

Collect data driven insight, observe risk trends and monitor performance at the contractor, subcontractor and workers levels. Access pre-built and custom reports to track subcontractor risk and performance alongside your contractors and suppliers.
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We have been using Avetta's products since 2018 at the corporate level. We started using Avetta at the site in 2019 to have a more robust prequalification process for our Contractors/Suppliers. Since then, we have been using Avetta as a prequalification tool for our High-Risk Contractors, and to keep track of our Supplier's safety performance.

Jamillette Mercado
Contractor Safety Representative
FMC Corp.
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