Health and Safety

Elevate worker management and worksite safety

Gain worker-level visibility and ensure contracted workers are certified and trained to perform work on your site.

Improve compliance and worker safety at the individual level

Eliminate access, compliance and inefficiency challenges associated with paper-based verification and traditional site-access management technologies. Avetta digitizes worker-related information to enhance worksite safety, security and productivity for you, your contractors and their workers.

Safer worksites

Manage site-level safety and visibility by ensuring onsite contractors and subcontractor workers are trained and qualified to perform critical job functions.

Save time

Streamline contract workforce processes, saving administrative time and resources.

Real-time visibility

Track who is onsite and when to gain valuable insights into workforce analytics and incident preparedness.

Increased productivity

Boost induction speeds by having contracted workers complete site-specific training and assessments before arriving at the job site.

Elevate worker safety knowledge

Improve worker safety comprehension by offering extracurricular courses and cross-training opportunities using Avetta’s mobile app.

Improve training comprehension

Simplify worker training comprehension with Avetta's mobile app, featuring training assessments and tests in 36 languages.

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By standardizing, measuring and digitizing their risk compliance programs, Avetta companies reduced program costs while decreasing fatalities by 11.5% overall.

Champion a safer workforce and worksite

The National Safety Council reports an average cost of $41,757 for all workers compensation claims. Ensure workers meet required safety, training and other compliance requirements with Avetta’s all-in-one platform.

Worker setup

Ensure contracted workers have the necessary certifications, licenses and training before arriving at the worksite.
Configure qualifications to your needs

Set up qualification and training requirements by role and location to ensure that your contractor workforce follows company best practices or relevant industry regulations.

Digitize and streamline the collection of critical worker information

Manage documentation, training, and compliance on a centralized and secure database for easy access and adaptation to changing regulatory demands.

Leverage multi-site, multi-language support

Seamlessly share worker information across multiple sites to reduce duplicating efforts. Multi-language support is available for a local experience throughout your global supply chain.

Create customizable dashboards

Get an overview of your contracted workers by company, role and location. Easily access individual employee documents, training and qualification data.

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Site access management

Manage site access, enhancing security and ensuring that only qualified personnel enter restricted areas.
Track worker time and attendance

Manage a safe and cost-effective contract workforce by tracking in real-time who is on your worksite and when with Avetta’s time and attendance tools.

Tap into mobile badge integration

Control worker access to your location with mobile badging integration, ensuring only qualified personnel gain entry.

Include onsite kiosks (APAC region only)

Contract workers can easily access and exit the site using a kiosk, which helps you manage site access and prompt for additional information if needed.

Worker qualifications

Verify and track contractor qualifications, ensuring those with the necessary skills and training have access to a work site.
Validate worker qualifications

Avetta works behind the scenes to verify your workers’ records using AI and our team of compliance professionals.

Configure compliance for your needs

Assign qualifications and training criteria based on roles and locations to address the unique needs of your contractors and sites.

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Talk to an expert

Worker training

Leverage our Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and track training programs, orientations and site inductions.
Scale your training program

Use Avetta's automated, adaptable and scalable learning solution to plan and schedule online or in-person training for your workforce.

Improve training accessibility

Workers can upskill, reskill or cross-train anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access to elective courses and certifications. Assessments and tests are available on desktop and mobile in over 36 languages.

Get contractors ready to work quickly

Manage, deliver and monitor your courses and tests to ensure your workers complete their required training before arriving to the worksite.

Access worker tools on the go

The Avetta mobile app makes it easy for you, your contractors and their workers to understand, achieve and maintain compliance requirements.

Avetta’s mobile app prepares your business for the future of contractor risk management.

Accelerate contractor onboarding

Workers use Avetta’s app to check their compliance status and upload certifications, licenses, background checks, drug and alcohol test results and more.

Standardize and scale training

Assign workers in-app training courses customized to your unique safety standards, job roles, work sites and locations.

Eliminate site access delays

Verify worker qualifications and grant site access in seconds via scannable QR codes.

Ensure consistent site compliance

Site managers use the app to scan and verify which jobs a worker is trained and qualified to perform onsite.

Before implementing the Avetta Worker Management, compliance reporting was sitting at around 25% and has since risen to around 75%—a 50% increase in contractor compliance.

Laurentiu Aldea
Superintendent Site Systems
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