Health and safety

Get better visibility into projects and worksite safety

Enable digital worksite hazard identification and risk mitigation to improve safety performance.

Navigating the complexities of field safety and job compliance can be challenging

Shifting regulatory requirements, safety protocols and documentation can make ensuring safety and compliance on the worksite challenging. The Avetta platform streamlines on-site work requests, hazard identification, risk assessments and performance tracking, helping you drive safety assurance, address performance and quality concerns and make informed decisions.

Mitigate risk

Identify hazards, assess associated risks and mitigate. AskAva, Avetta's AI risk assistant, suggests missed hazards and controls to workers as during risk assessments.

Boost operational efficiency

Save time and resources by automating manual review processes.

Enhance safety

Review contractor safety assessments before work starts to ensure alignment on job approach and controls.

Increase project communication

Streamline contractor communication and eliminate data silos to ensure a proactive safety culture approach.

Select high-quality contractors

When choosing vendors, utilize past performance reviews to ensure high safety and quality standards.

Improve worksite conditions

Create safer working conditions for every worker on your job sites.

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Added assurance. Not added stress.

Say goodbye to labor-intensive documentation and put an end to manual outdated processes. Redirect your focus and energy towards safety assurance.

Find qualified contractors

Our centralized platform offers a list of prequalified contractors and suppliers for you to choose from, making it easy to send digital project and work requests.
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Assign tasks for completion

For onsite project work, ensure that all work requests include required safety forms and risk assessments, such as Job Hazard Analyses, Safe Work Method Statements and Risk Assessment Method Statements.
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Approve contractors for work access

Verify contractors have completed your requirements and authorize work to begin.
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Make informed sourcing decisions

Grade contractors, suppliers and subcontractors on job quality, safety and completeness. Reference these performance reviews when sourcing for new jobs.
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Monitor your projects in real time

Track onsite project work and report high-risk observations or behaviors in real time.

AskAva, Avetta's AI risk assistant, suggests potential hazards and controls when filling out an assessment.

Observations and behaviors

Monitor contractor job performance by capturing observations and any corrective actions taken.

Dashboards and reporting

Monitor projects and work requests to identify those that require attention and discover trends across sites and suppliers.

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Engagement with Avetta significantly improved our interaction with suppliers in three main areas: monitoring, measuring, and evaluation. The improved reporting and accelerated escalation processes allow us to drive better performance across multiple business units.

Daniel Panormo
Procurement Director
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