Gain visibility into every subcontractor

Help your subcontractors comply with client requirements to maintain transparency, uphold quality standards and foster a reliable subcontractor-client relationship.

Over 38% of Avetta contractors use subcontractors to enhance the services provided to clients

Avetta helps you find and review subcontractors for each project and ensure they meet client requirements.

Improve visibility and simplify subcontractor sourcing with Avetta

Gather subcontractor insights

Contractors can quickly access key information for all subcontractors.

Check subcontractor compliance

Get an in-depth look at the compliance details of your subcontractors' accounts.

Streamline contractor management

Efficiently oversee and manage your subcontractor relationships.

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Get deeper visibility

With just a few clicks, you can view connections, trades, locations and compliance information for your subcontractors.
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Streamline subcontractor sourcing

As a prime contractor you can discover, invite and connect with new subcontractors to work on your upcoming projects.

Create consistent compliance adherence

To ensure consistency, your subcontractors will undergo the same prequalification level and requirements as you.

Invest in Avetta and ensure your company is compliant today. Don’t pretend you know compliance, go to the experts who absolutely know!

Troy Devine
Managing Director, OMNISOLAR
Avetta simplified compliance management by clearly outlining individual client requirements and providing a structured approach to compliance
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