Business Risk

Enhance supply chain resilience

Navigate your legal, financial, cyber and reputational risks with Avetta's centralized third-party risk management platform.

Protect your long-term partnerships and your company's success

As your business grows, make sure you have the tools to maximize your resources and stay on top of evolving supply chain risks.

Centralize your financial risk

Make informed decisions about your contractors using a predictive scorecard based on their credit and financial data. Get insights on risk factors from over 200 sources, powered by Creditsafe.

Ensure you’re covered

Verify your contractors and suppliers have the necessary insurance for unforeseen incidents. Get peace of mind with a simple certificate upload and reviews by Avetta’s certified insurance professionals.

Safeguard your reputation

Unethical or illegal practices by a contractor or subcontractor can damage your business reputation. Stay informed with real-time data and notifications about your supply chain's business practices.

Lower your cybersecurity risk

Protect your business and supply chain's digital security with Avetta's cybersecurity solutions. Identify online risks and monitor how security threats change over time.

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Talk to an expert

Gain real-time insights into potential risks throughout your supply chain

Supported by Avetta industry professionals and bolstered by third-party partner integrations, Avetta’s suite of business risk solutions provides real-time financial, legal, liability and cyber risk insights across your contractor and supplier base.

Monitor financial risks in your supply chain

Protect your brand reputation, project completion and bottom line from third-party business and financial vulnerabilities.
Access detailed financial reports

Stop relying on one-time credit checks to protect your business. Avetta delivers a real-time, comprehensive view of the financial health of your connected contractors from 9,000 global sources.

Protect your reputation

Avoid costly legal and reputational issues. Avetta proactively monitors 35,000+ media sources to identify sanctions violations, legal issues, fraud, bribery, health, environmental and human rights violations.

Get a comprehensive risk snapshot

Receive reliable and unbiased assessments of your contractors' global financial stability. Review risk factors pulled from over 200 international sources, powered by CreditSafe.

Leverage leading risk indicators to protect your operations

Expand your third-party risk assessment to identify hidden business and financial risks that could lead to significant disruption.

Track your contractors’ and subcontractors’ insurance coverage

Rest assured knowing your contractors’ policy types and limits match your needs and receive alerts for upcoming policy expirations.
Customize your insurance coverage requirements

Set custom insurance coverage requirements for contractors and subs based on scope of work, region or other factors to match your organizational needs.

Save time collecting insurance policy documents

Reduce inefficient back-and-forth communication using Avetta’s document upload and validation tools. Contractors or their insurance agent upload their certificates of insurance into our centralized platform.

Outsource insurance coverage verification

Avetta makes it simple to verify every contractor meets your unique insurance requirements with our certified insurance professionals.

Leverage ongoing insurance monitoring and alerts

Get automatic alerts to ensure contractor, supplier and subcontractor compliance and never be caught exposed. Quickly notify them of insurance changes and expirations to keep your business covered.

Strengthen contractor digital security

Shield your business from crippling data breaches and cyber disruptions by monitoring the cyber health of your entire supply chain.
Monitor your cyber risk

Get a snapshot of your contractors' cybersecurity health. Detect critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities and issues across your network with Security Scorecard

Unveil hidden digital threats with cybersecurity evaluations

Configure cybersecurity assessments to align with your organization’s unique needs and concerns. Pinpoint which contractors are more susceptible to cyberattacks by assessing key areas.

Back up your business with ongoing cyber threat detection

Face the unknown confidently with unparalleled visibility into your supply chain's vulnerability landscape. Foster a collaborative approach to cybersecurity resilience with your contractors.

Proactively protect your reputation

Safeguard your reputation by detecting potential risks in your supply chain before they impact your business. Avetta's business risk solution, powered by CreditSafe, scans reputational data from over 35,000 global sources to proactively identify hidden threats.
Sanctions and watchlists

Minimize potential damage quickly by utilizing our established frameworks to mitigate identified risks and avoid unknowingly partnering with sanctioned entities.

Adverse media

Avetta provides real-time adverse media monitoring and alerts to help you address issues proactively and prevent negative impacts on your business.

Fraud and bribery

Mitigate legal risks associated with unethical contractor practices. We use in-depth reports to expose potential fraud and bribery, secure your bottom line and enhance supply chain integrity.

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