Avetta One Platform

Manage risk on a single, modern platform

Maximize your program investments and adapt to the shifting supply chain risk management landscape with Avetta One’s automation, configuration and scalability.

Creating dynamic risk management processes can be complex

Establishing and sustaining an effective long-term risk management strategy for your supply chain can be challenging. Common obstacles include:
Fragmented communication within the organization and with external partners.
Reliance on multiple systems for managing contractor data.
Lack of a single source of truth that's actively maintained and kept up to date.
Difficulty with setting clear expectations tailored to the specific work and associated risks of contractors and suppliers.
Inadequate reporting that hinders visibility into the overall performance of the supply chain.
Limited pool to source new contractors and suppliers.

Single platform for safe, sustainable and secure contractors and suppliers

Avetta One offers end-to-end products tailored to every aspect of your company’s risk management needs.

Centralize compliance

Leverage a unified platform to manage all third-party risks at the company, worker and worksite levels.

Automate manual processes

Remove human decision-making errors and manual processes, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Collaborate effectively

Improve communication and clarify expectations throughout your organization and supply chain.

Improve adoption

Over 81% of clients experience higher supplier engagement and process compliance using the Avetta One platform.

Stay up-to-date

Keep up with the rapidly evolving supplier risk landscape using Avetta’s scalable platform and robust reporting capabilities.

Get peace-of-mind

Gain visibility into your supply chain with the ability to source new contractors and suppliers from the Avetta network.

Talk to an expert
Talk to an expert

Manage your supply chain risk with confidence

Improve your supply chain management program with enhanced operational visibility, streamlined processes, regulatory compliance, flexibility and security standards.

Connect your data with seamless integrations

Utilize the business platforms you already use today like Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, ServiceNow and more. Enhance your team’s favorite workflows using Avetta’s industry-leading partnerships and API offerings.
Create a unified experience for your team

The Avetta One platform integrates seamlessly with popular tools and your critical internal systems to support automated reporting and process enforcement. Single-sign-on (SSO) supported!

Technical specialist support

Get support from our team of dedicated technical specialists and comprehensive API documentation. Select from a range of contractor and supplier endpoints and customize data synchronization needs to their desired preferences.

Source reliable suppliers and contractors

Connect with contractors and suppliers who align with your company's goals using prequalification indicators and search filters based on location, trade, diversity and more. Avetta clients have access to our entire network of 130,000+ suppliers worldwide.
Grow your supply chain network

Whether you're looking to replace non-compliant contractors or need to establish a supplier base from the ground up, Avetta's sourcing features support your supply chain growth.

Simplify your onboarding process

Prequalification indicators provide insights into compliance trends, helping you choose suppliers that meet your requirements with just a few clicks.

Source with company goals in mind

Avetta's sourcing feature allows you to refine your search with filters based on location, trade, diversity and more, so you can connect with suppliers that align with your company's goals.

Derive comprehensive insights

Get a holistic view of your contractor compliance and management data in one location, driving informed decision-making across the broader supply chain.
Streamline your reporting process

Explore our extensive library of pre-built dashboards or leverage your Avetta client success and analyst teams to create custom reporting to meet your company’s unique needs.

Transform risk into opportunity

Avetta goes beyond simple data collection, offering advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your supply chain performance.

Benchmark against industry standards

Uncover industry-leading practices by comparing your contractors’ and suppliers' performance across key areas like risk, compliance and financial stability.

Vertical Limit improves search efficiency by over 50%
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