Sustainability, ESG and DEI

Build a more sustainable supply chain

Partner with Avetta to build a more transparent, compliant and resilient supply chain.

Achieve supply chain ESG compliance with confidence

According to UNPRI, up to 90% of an organization’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) footprint lies within the supply chain. Monitor the sustainability efforts of your contractors and suppliers to create a more transparent, compliant and resilient future.

Rapid risk assessment

Identify suppliers posing specific ESG risks, aligning risk assessment methodology with latest sustainability regulations.

Data-driven decision making

Make informed choices that align with your ESG goals and protect against greenwashing using real-time data.

Supply chain optimization

Minimize environmental impact and social risk without compromising efficiency.

Holistic visibility

Use rapid data collection tools and robust, automated reporting to achieve full visibility into your ongoing contractor sustainability commitments and footprint.

Tailored programs

Adapt your sustainability initiatives to diverse contractor and supplier profiles and regional contexts, ensuring both regional and global effectiveness.

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Build value while growing supply chain sustainability compliance

Whether you are beginning your ESG journey, formalizing your program or taking proactive steps to remain a market leader, we have ESG solutions to meet your supply chain where you are.

Advance ESG compliance

Gain a high-level overview of your contractors’ ESG posture and maturity. Explore your supply chain’s policies and practices for comprehensive compliance management.
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Automate data collection

Compile and automate your supply chain’s sustainability data collection, easing the administrative burden on both you and your contractors.
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Make informed decisions

Track contractor and supplier sustainability performance and progress over time with reliable and actionable data. Benchmark against Avetta’s database of 30,000+ contractors and suppliers.
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Christopher Rosales
Channel Partner Development Manager
Avetta helps Dynamic Property Services reduce safety incidents by 30%
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