Health and safety

Prequalification and monitoring made simple

Streamline prequalification to ensure your contractors and suppliers meet ongoing licensing and safety regulations and requirements.

Do you have visibility into every contractor and subcontractor in your supply chain?

Make sure the people you hire are up to the task, qualified and ready to work safely. Spot potential issues early on with our straightforward prequalification platform.

Reduce administrative burden

Vetting and monitoring vendors is a significant undertaking and can overburden your employees assigned to the task.

Select the safest contractors and subcontractors

Quickly qualify your chosen contractors and subcontractors plus easily find new qualified options in your area.

Centralize your risk management

Leverage one platform to manage third-party risk: health and safety, financial viability, diversity qualifications, workforce risk and liability.

Enhance safety performance

Avetta’s safety audits are more than simple inspections. Once we identify gaps, our qualified auditors work directly with your contractor to improve.

Align to localized requirements

Satisfy your global and local compliance needs by leveraging our team of  specialists who tailor requirements and verifications to your locality.

Leverage robust analytics

Collect data driven insight, observe risk trends and monitor performance at the contractor, subcontractor and workers levels.

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Talk to an expert

Simplify your contractor prequalification process

Collect, review and monitor safety performance, audits, certifications, documents and more to better manage risk and compliance in one place.

Save time

Eliminate the time spent requesting and collecting documentation, reviewing ever-changing regulations and verifying contractor compliance status, so your staff can focus on core business priorities.
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Talk to an expert

Mitigate risk

Ensure contractors meet necessary qualifications, experience and safety standards to reduce accidents, prevent delays and increase project success.
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Talk to an expert

Ensure quality

Verify that your contractors possess the skills and expertise required for the job to ensure high-quality work and reduce the likelihood of issues such as rework and accidents.
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Talk to an expert

Stay in compliance

Enjoy peace of mind that your vendors comply with industry regulations, legal requirements, local requirements and safety standards, safeguarding against legal and regulatory issues.
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Talk to an expert

Fill in gaps

Increase project successes by partnering with contractors who meet or exceed your required standards and expectations. Tap into our network of 130,000+ prequalified contractors to find and select the right person swiftly when time is critical.
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Talk to an expert

Boost your reputation

A consistent and standardized approach can enhance your company's reputation by demonstrating a commitment to safety, quality and professionalism.
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Talk to an expert

Tōtika accredited prequalification

We are a Gold Member Scheme of Tōtika, the New Zealand cross-industry prequalification standard. Our team of compliance and competency professionals will assist you in obtaining Tōtika Accredited Health and Safety Prequalification quickly and easily.
Get Tōtika approved
Get Tōtika approved

Automate your motor carrier data

Manage transportation and logistics risk with FMCSA Motor Carrier Statistics data at your fingertips.
Make it simple

Eliminate the need to pull data manually and stop reliance on contractor self-reporting.

Make informed decisions

Benchmark your carriers against national industry averages and uncover trends across the supply chain.

All the data you need in one place

Access robust motor carrier data in one location including performance, fatalities and more.

Avetta gave us the ability to become vetted by companies in our industry that we previously did not have the capability of working with.

Melissa Fandrey
President, Dynamic Solution Solvers Inc.
Avetta Helps Dynamic Industrial Solution Solvers Inc. Increase Industry Reach
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