Business Risk

Stay up-to-date on business and financial risks

Don’t let third-party business or financial vulnerabilities impact project completion, brand reputation or your bottom line.

Predict business and financial risks to minimize unforeseen cost impacts on your business

Conducting thorough supply chain due diligence is essential to ensure the reliability of your third-party vendors.


of all third-party risk events stem from  financial risk

Up to 15%

more injuries occur in financially unstable companies


of organizations feel that supplier insolvency is one of the leading financial risks in the supply chain.

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Global, real-time visibility of over 130,000 contractors in 130+ countries

Maintain smooth operations while staying informed about potential risks. Avetta provides proactive visibility through our interactive monitoring of:

Financial health

Legal proceedings

Global sanctions violations

Adverse media and negative press

Modern health and safety solutions for your dynamic compliance needs

Access financial health reports of your contractors and subcontractors

Get real-time, comprehensive reporting of your contractors’ and subcontractors’ financial health for informed business decisions.
Gain expert financial health insights

Get critical insights updated over a million times a day from over 9,000 global data sources using Creditsafe.

Monitor local and global financial risk

Get local financial scores and insights across 130+ countries, plus an international scoring model to compare to similar companies globally.

Make faster business decisions

Quickly compare contractors using a filterable scoring system to facilitate informed decisions and deeper reviews of compliance ratings.

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Proactively manage issues that negatively impact your brand

Protect your project success, reputation and bottom line against hidden legal concerns and potential sanctions.
Avoid legal concerns with adverse media reports

Find out if your contractors are facing criminal complaints or investigations before the fallout disrupts your operations or causes irreparable brand damage.

Safeguard against OFAC and global sanctions

Manage brand integrity by identifying potential sanctions before you hire a contractor or supplier.

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Compare contractor financial risk ratings across the supply chain

Review contractor and supplier risk factors pulled from local and global sources.
Compare contractor risk using standardized international scoring

Compare contractor, supplier and subcontractor risk from over 9,000 global sources using a standardized scorecard powered by Creditsafe. Get a complete picture of contractor risk in every country where you have operations.

Get country-specific contractor and supplier business score ratings

Evaluate contractor financial stability with country-specific indicators of contractor solvency. Data sources include financial statements, court judgments, protested bills, industry analysis and more.

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Leverage leading indicators to protect your operations

Expand your third-party risk assessment to identify hidden business and financial risks that could lead to significant disruption.
Receive real-time risk alerts

Identify business risks before they land on your doorstep using real-time risk alerts.

Identify business risks before they land on your doorstep using real-time risk alerts.

Get real-time financial and business health data to make informed sourcing decisions from day one without needing contractor questionnaires.

Extend visibility beyond direct partnerships

Apply the same compliance rules, qualifications and audits to subcontractors as well as primes to ensure complete supply chain compliance.

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Transforming a Utility Client's supplier management program through the Avetta One solution
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