Avetta One Platform

Real-time supply chain analytics and insights

Highlight successes, address concerns and plan actionable next steps using rich dashboards, drill-down capabilities and robust filtering. Our analytics platform is built to adapt to your needs, goals and challenges for enhanced decision-making.

Transform risk into opportunity

Managing risk across your supply chain can be challenging when data is scattered across multiple spreadsheets, siloed systems and manual processes. Avetta helps you achieve compliance, improve data accessibility and mitigate potential liabilities for using
supply chain data analytics.

Discover contractor insights

Identify potential issues by combining and analyzing your own contractor and supplier data with a decade of benchmarking data and trends.

Measure your impact

Align your organizational goals with at-a-glance views of the KPIs most important to you. Identify areas for improvement, track progress and measure the impact of your safety, security and sustainability initiatives.

Demonstrate value and compliance

Immediately access data-driven insights and invaluable contractor and supplier information, shortening time to compliance.

Build stronger relationships

Foster transparency and collaboration among internal teams and enhance engagement with contractors and suppliers.

Create actionable reporting

Support data-driven decision-making with pre-built templates or custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations for all levels of your business.

Future-proof your supply chain

The Avetta platform helps businesses quickly adapt to supply chain changes, respond to challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

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Uncover hidden patterns and drive business transformation

Analytics can be used for more than just aggregating and exporting data. It can also support operational processes, track KPIs, analyze trends, benchmark against industry standards and more! Our easy-to-use tools enable you to explore your data on your own terms.

Proactively mitigate risk

Gain real-time insights to identify successes and concerns across your business and supply chain.
Uncover leading risk indicators

Address issues proactively by using advanced analytics to identify predictors like contractor compliance and declining credit scores.

Ensure nothing slips through the cracks

Utilize data-driven insights to pinpoint areas of vulnerability and identify effective preventative measures to mitigate risks. Automatically generate and send reports to key stakeholders each week, month, or period of your choice.

Identify improvement areas

Filter benchmarks by location, service, and risk profile to identify targeted improvement opportunities for contractors and suppliers.

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Deeper exploration and discovery

Go beyond static reports and reveal hidden patterns to fuel transformation across every part of your business’s operations.
Connect and correlate diverse data

Analyze connections between data points, including cyber, finance, ESG and HSE, to identify previously hidden risks and opportunities.

Identify root causes

Utilize interactive dashboards and dynamic filtering to pinpoint the factors influencing performance metrics and enable targeted interventions.

Unlock deeper insights

Uncover hidden connections and trends with our extensive library of standard and custom reports, along with expert guidance from our team of business analysts.

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Vetting and managing contractors seamlessly and improving incident response time for an energy major
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