Avetta One Platform

Fuel your supply chain growth

Search an active database of over 130,000 contractors and suppliers who share a common vision of compliance, safety, sustainability and security.

Expand your network and effortlessly onboard new contractors and suppliers

Grow your operations

Continue to grow and expand your business inside of Avetta’s network of qualified contractors across 120+ countries.

Fulfill objectives

Refine your search with filters based on location, trade, diversity and more to connect with suppliers that align with your company's goals.

Gain instant insights

Immediately access insights and invaluable contractor and supplier information, shortening time to compliance.

Search for subcontractors

Your network of primes are also able to search for and hire subcontractors to complete project work.

Fewer hurdles

Tap into API automation and over 130,000 contractors already part of the Avetta network for low to no barrier to program participation.

Add value for suppliers

Contractors and suppliers can secure additional business from Avetta’s growing network of clients.

Talk to an expert
Talk to an expert

Improve your procurement process with robust sourcing and onboarding

Whether you need to replace non-compliant contractors or establish a supplier base in a new region from the ground up, we are here to support your supply chain growth. Our intuitive functionality, coupled with Avetta’s service teams, supports contractors and suppliers along the onboarding and compliance journey.

Simple and effective sourcing

By connecting with contractors and suppliers already in the Avetta network, you can gain instantaneous access to supplier insights, information and assessments, shortening time to compliance.
Talk to an expert
Talk to an expert

Streamlined onboarding

Prequalification indicators provide insights into compliance data and trends, helping you select contractors and suppliers most likely to meet company compliance requirements and add them to your vendor list with just a few clicks.

We are able to better understand the level of ESG compliance of our suppliers. This would not have been possible without the Avetta team continually working with us.

Beth Whitten
Head of Procurement - Projects
Improving ESG and supplier compliance for a leading energy corporation
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