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Your all-in-one solution for contractor risk management

Gain real-time visibility and control over the safety and compliance of your contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, workers and worksites.

Join the thousands of large and small companies worldwide managing their compliance risk with Avetta

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the problem

Contractor management is a necessary undertaking

Does this sound familiar?

Spending precious time daily searching multiple systems to find contractor details.
Chasing down contractors for missing or outdated documents.
Looking for a single source of truth that’s also up to date.
Discovering an incident was caused by an unknown or unqualified subcontractor or worker.
Digging through files and reports looking for safety and ESG data.
How it works

A single, automated risk management platform

Consolidate all aspects of third-party risk, including prequalification, safety compliance, sustainability, business risk, and more, using a centralized and highly configurable suite of tools that work for you and your bottom line.


Set compliance rules to meet your needs

Configure your business workflows

Easily apply workflows that reflect your unique business processes and needs.

Collect and verify essential information

Gather the correct data for your business, with pre-built and custom forms.

We chose Avetta because we found them to be the most flexible, have a really easy-to-use tool, and have great account support. Ultimately, we felt it was the best fit, and Avetta made us feel like we would matter.

Set your compliance rules to meet your needs.

Find, add and qualify contractors quickly

Search and connect

Quickly search and filter to find contractors to add to your network. You can even invite new contractors to join Avetta in just a few clicks.

Streamline the contractor onboarding process

Onboard your contractors in minutes with our automated classification tools. Track their onboarding progress with real-time insights.

Customize your compliance program

Automatically tailor custom contractor requirements based on the scope of work and industry.

With Avetta's help managing our Supplier safety program, it is much easier to determine if Suppliers are compliant, and if they are not compliant, we can easily see the reason(s) for non-compliance. Overall, Avetta's ability to help CP Kelco automate the Supplier onboarding process and manage all of the critical documents and other Supplier-related information while verifying the validity of that information has proven to be invaluable.

Add and qualify your contractors.

Ensure safety compliance from sourcing to jobsite

Gain a comprehensive view of safety compliance

Monitor and manage safety compliance holistically, including company prequalification, subcontractor visibility, worker compliance and jobsite safety controls.

Get safety assessments and insights at your fingertips

Attain peace of mind with objective and impartial safety assessments from our global team of certified auditors.

Reduce injuries with worker safety controls

Track worker qualifications, manage site access and implement AI-powered safety controls at every jobsite.

Avetta membership helps us differentiate ourselves from other compressed air companies and suppliers. Our continued investment in our people, training, and processes provides us the confidence that we don't always have to compete based on cost alone.

We make your contractors safer.

Turn ESG promises into progress

Comply with evolving ESG regulations

Attain peace of mind with objective and impartial safety assessments from our global team of certified auditors.

Ease administrative burden

Automate and compile your supply chain’s sustainability data collection.

Meet market demands for contractor diversity

Search for diverse connections using our robust ESG filtering capabilities.

Benchmark contractor ESG performance

Assess your contractors’ sustainability performance based on their trade, size and geo-location.

We're still at the starting point with ESG, but by seeing some of the analytics, we will be able to source some useful information. Understanding and using this information will be vital for us in reaching our ESG goals.

Turn ESG Promises into Progress.

Shield your company from threats

Validate and monitor insurance compliance

Eliminate insurance policy gaps and lapses with automated insurance validation and ongoing monitoring.

Track supply chain financial health

Get insights on how financially secure your contractors and suppliers are with real-time monitoring that goes beyond a credit check.

Protect your brand reputation

Receive instant alerts on negative media reports, potential sanctions violations and legal proceedings related to your contractors to safeguard your reputation.

Uncover hidden cybersecurity threats

Identify cyber vulnerabilities in your supply chain to prevent data breaches or business disruption.

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Shield your company from threats.

Get uncomplicated answers you can trust

Unlock actionable insights from your contractor data

Ditch spreadsheets and harness the full potential of your data with robust analytics and a dedicated team of professionals.

Uncover future trends for strategic decision-making

Take advantage of predictive analytics to drive informed business decisions about your supply chain.

Build custom reports

Generate actionable insights by creating and streamlining your reporting process.

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Questions? Get answers you can trust.

How we support your contractors and suppliers

Avetta makes contractor risk management easy

We’re the best in the biz with satisfaction and support ratings 3x higher than other providers.
Simple to learn and use
Contractors and subcontractors can quickly navigate and complete your required tasks without wasting valuable time with clunky and confusing systems.
Support anytime you need it
Get the support you need when you need it. Contact us anytime, from anywhere and in whatever language you speak.
We’re here for you 24/7.
Streamlined contractor onboarding
Our compliance and safety specialists swiftly onboard your contractors in a matter of days, not weeks. We expedite your workflows, saving you time and money.
Centralized communication
Our user-friendly platform helps your contractors manage prequalification forms and submit required compliance documentation in one place.
working with avetta

Why choose Avetta?
We’re glad you asked.

Avetta provides end-to-end products tailored for every aspect of your company’s third-party risk management needs.
The only all-in-one modern platform

Streamline workflows, consolidate tools and enhance collaboration with an easy-to-use platform to make your company more efficient and effective.

Avetta is A-LIGN ISO 27001 CertifiedAvetta is A-LIGN ISO 27017 CertifiedAvetta is A-LIGN ISO 27018 CertifiedAvetta is A-LIGN ISO 27701 CertifiedAvetta is A-LIGN ISO 22301 CertifiedAvetta is A-LIGN SOC 2 CertifiedAvetta is A-LIGN ISO 27701 Certified
Avetta is SGS ISO 9001 CertifiedAvetta is SSIP Certified
A customer-first approach

We take a consultative-first approach, understanding your unique needs to optimize workflows. We partner closely with you to ensure the successful configuration of your safety and compliance programs.

Award-winning product and support

Our customers trust us and we have the awards and scores to prove it.

2x the global presence of our competitors

We operate in over 120 countries, support over 36 languages and monitor over 3,075 country and worker regulations.

Our customer success stories

Your success is our success!

Discover how companies worldwide use Avetta to source, track, manage and engage their contractors.
See more customer stories
See more customer stories

Prior to Avetta, we would spend countless hours back and forth with subcontractors chasing COIs and reviewing Health and Safety Documentation. Everything was manual and there was no clear picture of our subcontractor safety and vetting program. Since the implementation of Avetta, GTS now has safety and operation efficiency and, most importantly, a clear picture of our contractor program.

Sal Trejo
Health & Safety Manager

We partnered with Avetta to develop the Docusign integration to allow us the ability to have signed terms and conditions during our onboarding process. Signed terms are much better than "click agree" formats and provide BGIS and other Avetta clients with something unique in the industry that other compliance tools do not offer.

John Castelhano
VP, Strategic Sourcing North America

It's great to work with a vendor that has deep wireless service provider experience. Avetta understands our business and our urgent need for an effective database of highly qualifi­ed contractors. They had us up and running in under three months.

Justin Gillette
Director of Risk Management

With a continuously growing safety culture, Avetta has allowed us to streamline our compliance efforts. This has helped us tremendously in getting our vendors where they need to be.

Rhonda Baldwin
Safety & Compliance Manager

Avetta was willing to listen to the clients and not just give us the tabletop sales.

Rick Rynicki
VP of Corporate Safety

The ability to ­find new contractors provides substantial time savings for our contractor search, review, and approval process. It's improved our efficiency by 50% or more.

Justin Gillette
Director of Risk Management
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