Streamline prequalification

Manage client compliance requirements with an award-winning platform, designed for automation, communication and efficiency.

Achieving and maintaining compliance shouldn’t be so hard

Maintaining compliance can be an ongoing challenge due to changing client expectations and inconsistent project processes. Repetitive administrative tasks often lead to increased costs and reduced time for delivering your goods and services. Manually tracking renewals and expirations can also lead to unnecessary maintenance costs or compliance gaps.

Simplify compliance

Avetta's centralized platform simplifies meeting client needs with clearly defined requirements and automated workflows.

Centralize your documents

Upload documents once and share the information across multiple clients, streamlining the compliance process and eliminating redundant tasks.

Review detailed business insights

Get measurable insights into your organization's health and safety, ESG, cyber risks and financial risks to drive company-wide improvements.

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Break free from manual tasks

Ensure your company stays on your customers' approved vendor list by gaining visibility into their expectations, leveraging collaboration tools and monitoring expiration and renewal processes with ease.

Prequalification forms (PQFs)

Make information sharing and document submission easy with our user-friendly forms. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology auto-populates client-required fields, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Save time uploading:
Digital Signatures
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Insurance verification

Easily understand your client’s insurance requirements using dynamic insurance configurations, ensuring faster compliance and reduced work.
Review policy, limit and endorsement requirements.
Export requirement documentation for your agent.
Upload policy documentation, or allow your agent to upload on your behalf, within a few clicks—making insurance compliance a breeze!

Audits and assessments

Avetta specialists carefully review your health, safety, sustainability and policy documents to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and client standards. We provide insights into any identified gaps and assist your teams in understanding, addressing and closing them to achieve compliance, prevent fines and foster a safer, more sustainable workplace.
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Third-party data

Some compliance requirements may not require you to take any action. We partner with multiple data providers to import compliance details on your behalf, simplifying your path to compliance. As part of your Avetta membership, you’ll also receive free compliance tools, consulting resources and more.

Risk management for projects

Avetta helps clients and suppliers manage risks better by capturing project-specific assessments, work permits and performance documentation in one place. Our dynamic workflows assist suppliers and clients in identifying and addressing risks before work starts, ensuring on-site employee safety and awareness.

Christopher Rosales
Channel Partner Development Manager
Avetta helps Dynamic Property Services reduce safety incidents by 30%
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