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Avetta’s comprehensive training and strategic solutions have propelled 470,000+ organizations toward success in contractor supply chain management.

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Your all-in-one, configurable solution for worker risk management excellence. Unlock the power of tools, data and expertise to craft the perfect risk management program that is aligned with your business goals.
Create platform configurations to fit your business

Easily apply customized workflows and platform configurations that reflect the unique processes and needs of your business.

Proactive visibility and performance

Get leading risk indicators for clear insights around potential supply chain disruptions and deepen your trust in contractor performance.

Get tailored training and eLearning

Explore interactive and engaging data-focused training sessions tailored to your company's needs. Champion your contractors, allowing them to hone their skills and attain Avetta certifications.

Global document assessments

Take advantage of Avetta’s certified Audit and HSE professionals to provide you with unbiased document evaluations for top-notch compliance. Over 1.2+ million contractor assessments have been completed.

Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all contractor onboarding

Get assistance optimizing requirements, reducing risks and trimming time and expenses. Avetta ranks #1 in match rate and breadth of network compared to our competition.
Get peace of mind on a centralized tool

Achieve total confidence knowing that your contractors’ information is housed in one place. Avetta streamlines your onboarding process, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and outreach efforts.

Recover your time with expert support

Automate all of your manual processes and receive dedicated, ongoing support to get your contractors on the path to completion and compliance.

Categorize and classify your contractors

Safeguard your operations by having Avetta assist you with quickly categorizing your contractors' work types, tailoring risk levels and steering clear of costly errors to drive maximum business value.

We focus on your contractors' compliance so you don’t have to

Save valuable time and resources while Avetta does the heavy lifting. We ensure the safety and compliance of your contractors, so you don't have to.
Save time and cut costs

To successfully reduce incidents by 20-30%, it takes more than 18 of your full-time employees or $2.2 million for every 1,000 contractors. Fortunately, Avetta gets you there without the extra hassle.

Obtain expert compliance and safety support

Get your suppliers up and running in a matter of days, not weeks. Avetta’s premium services guides your workers through a streamlined onboarding process to reduce risks and speed up contractor integration.

Get award winning 24/7 customer service in multiple languages

Achieve seamless contractor onboarding and management using our global support staff who can assist you anytime, from anywhere.

Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Easily train and induct your workforce

Plan and set roles training and trade certification for your contractors and workers, while tracking and reporting on the results.
Get workers trained for each project

Plan and set training for your workforce using our learning management solution (LMS). We provide automated, adaptable and scalable training options for your workforce, whether online or in-person.

View customized workforce analytics

Easily track and report on training results to ensure contractors and workers meet safety and legislative requirements.

Access accredited training courses

Connect your roles, sites and projects, creating a safer work environment with our nationally accredited classroom-based training programs that can be taken online and in-person. View course library.

Record time and attendance

Enable geotagging to gain visibility into when workers enter and leave your jobsite—this is helpful for records, payment and emergencies.

Avetta has brought structure to our organization. It has given us some direction and an opportunity to elevate our subcontractor pool.

Arthur Giacopelli
Director of Subcontractor Procurement
ABM Industries
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