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Seamless compliance starts here

Combine everything you need to reduce risk, improve compliance workflows and accelerate contractor partnerships with Avetta's easy-to-use risk management solution.

Create a safe working environment for your entire supply chain

Ensure your contractors operate safely with up-to-date, accurate compliance documentation available anytime.
Streamline your prequalification process across the globe

Reduce delays and effectively mitigate risks by leveraging our robust prequalification process, including pre-built and custom questionnaires.

Verify compliance in the field

Our global team of certified auditors conducts objective safety manual, field, and implementation audits to ensure compliance.

Monitor and manage worker safety

Validate that workers possess the appropriate skills, certifications, and training before they enter your site or perform work for your third parties.

Avoid overlooking safety details

Tap into Avetta’s Ask Ava AI to identify easily missed risks and receive guidance on jobsite safety measures and assessments.

Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Gain visibility into your sustainability, ESG and DEI efforts

Guarantee that your sustainability, ESG and DEI endeavors reach all of your contractors, suppliers and subcontractors worldwide.
Navigate ESG regulations

Leverage the right tools to secure visibility and compliance around sustainability reporting, supply chain due diligence and climate disclosure. Stay up-to-date on Scope 3, LkSG, climate disclosures, CS3D, CSRD and modern slavery regulations.

Assess your sustainability efforts

Achieve your sustainability goals and requirements with configurable assessments that allow you to track progress over time.

Monitor greenhouse gas emissions

Capture emissions data to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

Report on environmental, social and governance impact

Understand your business’s ESG impact based on industry-recognized scoring and global standards.

Build an inclusive workplace

Create an equitable future with quick access to diverse contractors with a variety of backgrounds.

Monitor your business risk

Understand and track critical business risks to make proactive decisions before incidents or events happen.
Validate insurance compliance

Automate and centralize your insurance monitoring throughout the globe to save you time and reduce errors.

Get global financial health insights

Eliminate one-time credit checks with real-time global financial monitoring from over 9,000 sources powered by CreditSafe. Stay on top of financial risks, whether it's a public or private company, that could impact project delivery.

Monitor adverse media reports

Get news alerts on investigations, legal issues and other information you need to know about your contractors.

Manage hidden contractor cyber risk

Safeguard your business against growing cybersecurity concerns with professional insights into contractor cyber risk. Automate cyber assessments, review potential contractor vulnerabilities and get ongoing cyber health alerts.

Protect against sanction violations

Make informed sourcing decisions to avoid potential OFAC and global sanctions violations and costly penalties.

Avetta Connect's Business and Financial Risk tools for hiring clients

Streamline your supply chain operations with Avetta’s centralized platform

Take control of your supply chain with the Avetta One risk management platform. Simplify compliance, improve relationships and enhance operational visibility for your organization.

Join the ranks of over 130,000 forward-thinking businesses across 120+ countries leveraging Avetta’s modern platform to transform their risk management strategies and achieve success.

Integrate your third-party data

We integrate with your key business systems using our bi-directional API or ERP Connectors, enabling your company to incorporate third-party data seamlessly.

Find reliable suppliers and contractors

Use prequalification indicators and search filters based on location, trade, diversity, and more to connect with contractors and suppliers who align with your company's goals.

Derive holistic insights

Summarize contractor and supplier compliance and management data using pre-built dashboards, advanced analytics and benchmarking to drive informed decision-making across the supply chain.

We're excited to see many of our suppliers completing the ESG forms. This platform gives us a head start in understanding where our suppliers are in terms of ESG matters. Understanding and using this information will be vital for us in reaching our long-term ESG goals.

Beth Whitten
Head of Procurement - Projects
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