Maximize productivity and drive a culture of safety

Ensure worker compliance and readiness before your team enters each jobsite.

Building a safer community through connection and compliance

To minimize potential liability risks, it is essential for contractors and suppliers to thoroughly screen and monitor every worker who enters their client's job site. Avetta helps you ensure that each worker has the required training, certification, insurance, personal protective equipment (PPE) and is qualified to perform their work.


Global assessments completed


Country and worker regulations reviewed


Active connections on the Avetta network

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Secure onsite readiness with Avetta

Effortlessly manage and track worker training, trade qualifications, manage fatigue and job site requirements all in one place.

Maximize efficiency and transparency

Manage client- and worker-specific training needs to ensure readiness before deploying to client sites. Streamline onboarding by communicating expectations in advance, enabling workers to arrive prepared, understand safety protocols and work safely onsite.
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Manage worker certificates and training

Efficiently manage worker assignments and compliance documentation, including training requirements and renewals, with multiple reporting options for a consistently qualified workforce at scale.

Be in the know, when on-the-go

Avetta's worker management mobile app enables efficient and convenient training management on-the-go. Complete LMS courses and upload certificates anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Access sites via QR code for streamlined worker check-in and check-out.

Avetta has helped instill confidence in our customers by assuring them that our policies have gone through a thorough comprehensive vetting process that meets or exceeds their standards. This has created trust in our reliability.

Caterina Silvestri
Manager, Training & Compliance, Brown’s Fuels
Brown’s Fuels turned to Avetta to streamline its backend and document control processes
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