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Simplify onboarding and get to work faster

Avetta can help you improve safety performance, increase visibility, reduce insurance costs and generate new business opportunities while strengthening existing relationships.

Accomplish your business goals

Avetta provides contractors with tools and resources to enhance operational efficiency, expand your business and build trust with clients and partners through demonstrated compliance and commitment to safety.

Reduce injuries and prevent liability
On average, our contractors see significant safety performance improvements.
Improved safety statistics annually
Lower fatality rates
Generate new business
Join the Avetta network and promote your qualifications to hundreds of hiring clients.
Enterprise clients in the Avetta network
Of suppliers connect to a new client in the first year
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Experience the best with Avetta

Simplify compliance processes and connect with a network of global clients.

Streamlined compliance

Efficiently submit and manage compliance documents through the Avetta platform, reducing time and effort needed for prequalification.
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Organized documentation

Include safety assessment forms, such as risk assessments and Job Hazard Analysis, with each work request.
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Personalized support

Avetta provides 1-on-1 support to help you navigate through compliance requirements, stay informed about industry best practices and continuously improve your operations.
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Intuitive analytics and reporting

Improve collaboration with user-friendly summaries and dashboards. Get subcontractor insights to manage safety, achieve green status and streamline compliance with simplified monitoring.
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Robust solutions, tailored to you

For diversity owned businesses

Promote your diversity, highlight your company and notify clients of opportunities to collaborate with you

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For contractors and workers

Workers have access to self-service onboarding, 24/7 communications and onsite badging.

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For small businesses

Focus on your primary tasks instead of paperwork by streamlining your compliance in a singular platform.

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Avetta has helped instill confidence in our customers by assuring them that our policies have gone through a thorough comprehensive vetting process that meets or exceeds their standards. This has created trust in our reliability.

Caterina Silvestri
Manager, Training & Compliance, Brown’s Fuels
Brown’s Fuels turned to Avetta to streamline its backend and document control processes
An award-winning platform. Loved by customers.

You made it this far, why not take the next step?

Included in every Avetta membership:
Fast online setup
Full network access
Compliance insights
Subcontractor analytics
Marketplace savings
24/7 Live Support
Free training and webinars
As a member, you only pay for what you need based on work risk and client connections.