Health and SAfety

Validate policies and practices with safety audits

Enhance supply chain safety by leveraging our team of certified safety auditors.

Empower your team with comprehensive contractor safety audits

Increase safety awareness

Minimize the risk of accidents and incidents with proactive safety measures.

Enhance operational efficiency

Optimize review of contractor policies, procedures, training documents and field audits for time and cost savings.

Build stronger contractor relationships

Cultivate strong supply chain partnerships and reinforce continual improvement of your supply chain.

Gain insights on safety practices

Get a complete view of your contractors’ safety practices in real time to make critical decisions.

Assure jobsite safety compliance

Ensure contractors adhere to safety regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and legal liabilities.

Equip contractors with 1:1 guidance

Access a team of global QHSE professionals ready to help your contractors attain their compliance requirements.

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Safeguard operational success through safety audits

At Avetta, our assurance services build trust and confidence with our customers through unbiased, third-party assessments grounded in relevant benchmarks and clear insights.
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Talk to an expert
Find important gaps in a contractor’s safety manual quickly
Confirm requirements and identify areas of concern and opportunity through supply chain objective audits.
Evidence of compliance in practice
Get assurance that required workplace practices are in place, enabling effective risk-based decision-making to inform sourcing.
Prompt continual improvement
Combine insights and strategy with auditor feedback on emerging risks, safety maturity and performance improvement within your supply chain.

A comprehensive approach to your auditing needs

With Avetta, you can be confident that your contractors’ safety is in good hands. Our safety audit insights will help you identify areas for improvement and ensure that your resources are focused where needed.

Safety manual audits

Access and manage your contractors’ safety policy and procedures, ensuring the latest guidelines are always at your fingertips.
Find important gaps in a contractor’s safety manual quickly

Comprehensive audits allow us to review documents with speed, identifying areas in a contractor’s manual that are important to you.

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Talk to an expert

Implementation audits

Leverage deeper, evidenced-based audits to ensure proper implementation of the safety manual.
Assure evidence of practice

Take the next step in supply chain safety maturity. Let our team of professionals assess and verify that your contractors follow their written procedures in the field.

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Talk to an expert

Field audits

We provide boots on the ground to observe worksite practices and behaviors.
Validate onsite work performance and compliance

Verify onsite compliance with safety regulations and local laws through in-person field audits.

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Doty Energy Group streamlines compliance and reduces internal administrative burden through Vetify
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