Sustainability, ESG and DEI

Promote diversity throughout your supply chain

Fulfill diversity sourcing requirements and meet corporate goals using in-depth reporting and analytics.

Effectively managing supplier diversity can be a complex task

In today's dynamic business landscape, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) isn't just a priority—it's a growth driver.


Of companies have supplier diversity programs and goals, but only 59% reported diversity spend


Return on procurement investment for those with supplier diversity programs than competitors


Of respondents cited their organization had a lack of DEI metrics to drive accountability


Believe inclusive leadership improves DEI outcomes for people of color

Build an inclusive supply chain with robust tools and resources

Gather accurate diversity data, ensure compliance and connect with qualified diverse contractors and suppliers on Avetta’s centralized platform.

Fuel innovation

Diverse perspectives foster creative solutions and uncover new market opportunities.

Simplify reporting

Streamline data collection and automated checks ensure effortless compliance with reporting requirements.

Source diverse suppliers

Access a vast network of prequalified diverse contractors ready to meet your needs.

Make better decisions

Connect with qualified local and diverse suppliers to financial, operational and reputational goals.

Ensure accuracy and validity

Collect regionally applicable certifications to verify business status and ensure validity.

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Meet supplier diversity goals with a data-driven, verifiable approach

Meet your company's supplier diversity objectives by collecting, validating and monitoring contractor and supplier diversity classifications and certificates, while leveraging powerful analytics and search capabilities.

Allow contractors to showcase their diversity

Contractors and suppliers can self-report their classification directly on their Avetta profile, highlighting their unique value proposition from the start.
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Streamline diversity data collection and authentication

Simplify the collection and verification of contractor diversity certificates with prequalification forms (PQFs) that are reviewed by Avetta's compliance professionals, reducing manual tasks and administrative burdens.
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Tap into a wider pool of qualified, diverse contractors

Search and connect with diverse contractors and suppliers across the Avetta network using country-specific diversity criteria.
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Gain actionable insights

Track progress, identify gaps and measure your journey towards attaining your DE&I goals and requirements using powerful reporting and analytics tools that analyze your contractors’ diversity data.
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We have been partnering with Avetta to build on our supplier commitments to support our three pillars of ESG: emphasizing social responsibility in our communities, minimizing our environmental impact, and protecting the health and safety of our employees throughout our supply base.

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