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Many are predicting an economic downturn due to inflation rates, recent market performance, and continued global uncertainty caused by events like the Russia war in Ukraine. Forward-thinking companies are starting to prepare now.

A huge lesson from the COVID pandemic was just how fragile supply chains are, and how dependent businesses are on them. When storms are ahead, we tend to see two types of company reactions: those who stay with the “status quo” and those that accelerate IT investment and digitization.
Row of lockers showing safety suits
Contractor Management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), Facilities, Health & Safety, Insurance, Legal, Operations, Risk Management, Other
November 29, 2022
Managing Supply Chain Risk in an Economic Downturn
Operations, Risk Management, Other
October 20, 2022
Carbon accounting
Risk Management, Sustainability
September 16, 2022
Job Hazard Analysis
Contractor Management, C-Suite, Health & Safety, Operations, Procurement, Risk Management, Sustainability
September 6, 2022
Is Poor System Integration Hurting Your Bottom Line?
Risk Management, Sustainability, Other
August 29, 2022
9 Ways To Manage Hidden Subcontractor Risk
Risk Management
August 22, 2022
7 Ways to Keep Supplier Problems from Becoming Yours
Contractor Management, Procurement, Risk Management
August 15, 2022
Ensuring safety for your suppliers can start with an efficient contractor qualification framework that prequalifies workers and confirms they’re compliant.
Contractor Management, C-Suite, Health & Safety, Risk Management, Other
July 6, 2022
Avetta One won the Gold Stevie American Business Award for best Supply Chain Management Solution.
C-Suite, Health & Safety, Risk Management, Sustainability
June 27, 2022
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