Business Risk

Control cybersecurity risk for you and your contractors

Protect your business from data breaches and disruptions by monitoring the cyber health of your entire supply chain. Work with your contractors to identify potential threats over time and strengthen their cyber resilience.

Supply chains are vulnerable to cyberattacks

Are your contractors, suppliers and vendors ensuring robust IT and security measures?


was the average cost of a data breach in 2023.


of global companies will be impacted by a supply chain cyberattack by 2025.


of supply chain data breaches are due to contractor vulnerabilities.


of companies have had a ransomware attack – 64% paid the ransom and 40% did not recover their data.

Gain insights on potential third-party cyber vulnerabilities

Enhance cybersecurity measures and performance to keep your supply chain resilient against evolving cyber threats.

Audit trail visibility

Get a clear view of your contractors’ history of cyber risk issues and what they did to address them over time. Commit to improving both your and your contractors’ cyber health and resilience.

Procurement empowerment

Arm your procurement team with the data they need to make smart sourcing decisions. Ensure your contractors don’t pose a cyber threat that could impact your operations.

Cyber vetting simplified

Elevate your cyber and IT vetting process. With Avetta, you'll enjoy broader visibility, fast insights and continuous monitoring. Remove blind spots and see potential digital threats from miles away.

Continuous cybersecurity monitoring to protect your business operations

Our cybersecurity solution diagnoses vulnerabilities and collects qualitative data on cybersecurity policies and practices. This provides a clear picture of potential cyber risks, aids procurement and gives IT insights for deeper cyber vetting.

Harness the power of cybersecurity ratings

Cybersecurity ratings offer a clear path to safeguard your business.
Comprehensive analysis

Contractor cyber ratings are based on ten risk areas, offering a clear understanding of potential cyber vulnerabilities.

Cyber health snapshot

Attain a quick, insightful snapshot view of your supply chain’s cyber health, identifying potential vulnerabilities effortlessly within your network.

Leverage industry-leading data

Leading cybersecurity expert Security Scorecard gathers data from publicly available internet sources without invading your contractors' and suppliers' privacy.

Talk to an expert
Talk to an expert

Unveil hidden threats using cyber assessments

The real danger often lurks in the shadows of unexamined third-party cybersecurity practices.
Customize to your needs

Configure cybersecurity assessments to align precisely with your organization’s unique needs and concerns.

Identify hidden vulnerabilities

Pinpoint which contractors are more susceptible to cyberattacks by assessing key areas such as web presence, data storage, electronic communications and IT resource allocation.

Drive cyber threat awareness

Illuminate your contractors’ policies and procedures to gain critical understanding on how sensitive data is handled and stored.

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Talk to an expert

Make smarter sourcing decisions

Include cyber in your holistic assessment of contractor risks, to make more informed decisions and protect your organization.
Simplify and expand your current cyber efforts

Easily streamline existing IT assessments and elevate your cyber vetting with Avetta’s easy-to-use scorecard and assessment.

Get the insights and visibility you need

Empower your sourcing decisions with critical cyber risk data, ensuring every choice is backed up with strategic insights.

Partner with your contractors to improve cyber resiliency

Facilitate contractors in taking corrective action as needed, fostering a collaborative approach to cybersecurity resilience.

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