contractor Solutions

Equip your workers with the right tools

Workers have access to self-service onboarding, 24/7 communications and onsite badging.

Promote safer worksites at the employee level

Avetta configures the  qualification and training requirements based on your worker’s role and location.
Allow your workers to upload their licenses and certifications before they arrive on site.
Easily scan badges from any smart device to verify the compliance of onsite workers.

Prioritize the safety of your workers

Avetta's all-in-one platform validates workers' compliance with safety, training and other requirements.
Accelerate worker onboarding

Workers are able to get started onsite faster, by completing their site-specific training and assessments before arriving at the job.

Avoid penalties and risk

Eliminate the risk of costly incidents and citations with visibility into the qualifications and training of each contracted worker.

Monitor safety and compliance

Clients can oversee safety, by monitoring which workers are coming on site and ensuring they are trained and qualified.

Simplify compliance with Avetta's comprehensive solutions

Eliminate challenges such as time management, visibility and document management, with Avetta's tools and resources.

Enhanced visibility

Our extensive network of over 500 clients have access to source small businesses within the Avetta community, helping you grow your business.

Efficient document management

Centralize and manage your company's data in a single platform, ensuring compliance with both industry and client requirements.

Hands-on support

Consider us an extension of your team, providing guidance at every step for a seamless document submission process.

Avetta gave us the ability to become vetted by companies in our industry that we previously did not have the capability of working with.

Melissa Fandrey
President, Dynamic Solution Solvers Inc.
Avetta Helps Dynamic Industrial Solution Solvers Inc. Increase Industry Reach
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Included in every Avetta membership:
Fast online setup
Full network access
Compliance insights
Subcontractor analytics
Marketplace savings
24/7 Live Support
Free training and webinars
As a member, you only pay for what you need based on work risk and client connections.