contractor onboarding

Contractor and supplier onboarding that works for you

Customize and elevate your contractor management while ensuring compliance with our contractor classification and onboarding.

Identifying and onboarding active contractors can be a daunting task

Safeguard your operations by quickly categorizing contractor work types, tailoring risk levels and eliminating costly errors. Avetta helps you optimize requirements, reduce risks and trim time and expenses, providing you with a more holistic and transparent view of your supply chain.


Highest match rate and largest network to source from


Of hiring clients realize higher than expected or expected ROI using Avetta


Engagement from contractors and process compliance


In platform flexibility to align with client needs

Provide added benefits for your contractors

Contractors and suppliers can join a vibrant, strategic network and gain access to cost savings, tools and expertise while strengthening relationships with clients.


Improved safety statistics


Of Avetta contractors achieve or exceed their ROI expectations


More contractors realize the ROI of Avetta versus our top competitor


Unique geographic client sites suppliers can search for and connect to new business

no shortcuts. just solutions.

Get rapid and reliable contractor integration on our configurable platform

Identify your key contractors and we will skillfully navigate them through a simplified onboarding process, guaranteeing a quick and easy completion of requirements. It’s as easy as this:
Provide a contractor list
Simply share your supplier list with Avetta and we’ll check to see who’s already using our system and who needs to sign up.
Clear communication and outreach
Avetta will handle outreach to non-subscribed suppliers via email and phone call to assist with registration and compliance.
Assign targeted requirements based on type and risk
Once registered, evaluate contractors and assign classifications that impact compliance criteria, requirements, membership and pricing.
Grow with the largest contractor network
Access real-time insights and continue to grow and expand your business inside of Avetta’s network of qualified contractors across 120+ countries.

We’re an extension of your team in the contractor onboarding process

Protect against insufficient contractor onboarding programs with the most configurable platform and workflows on the market.

Secure peace of mind

Achieve total confidence in knowing that all of your contractors’ data is housed in one centralized platform.
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Reclaim your time

Take back your valuable time while Avetta’s dedicated team takes care of your contractors’ onboarding process.
Talk to an expert
Talk to an expert

Streamline your contractor classification

Gain insights into your supply chain while Avetta classifies your contractors into specific categories, regardless of risk.
Avetta Connect's Sustainability, ESG and DEI tools for hiring clients

Update contractor data

Receive ongoing support to get your workers to compliant and complete statuses with regular updates of your contractors’ business information and practices.
Talk to an expert
Talk to an expert

New suppliers are not complicated to add to Avetta. Once added, the supplier then receives a letter of introduction, is given the required support to add their company, and is offered ongoing support to add their workers and assist with any problems they may have.

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