Health and safety

Create safer workplaces and supply chains

Prioritize safety throughout your supply chain by uncovering hidden risks, tracking safety performance, managing worker compliance and validating safety programs in one centralized platform.

Are all contractors across your sites trained, certified and following safety procedures?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that companies with effective safety and health programs can reduce their injury and illness costs by 20-40%.

Centralize your safety risk

Leverage a single, unified platform to manage third-party safety risk at the company, worker and worksite levels.

Enhance safety performance

Identify safety gaps with comprehensive audits and equip your contractors with personal guidance from our team of certified auditors.

Select the safest contractors

Source contractors and suppliers with confidence. Avetta reviews health and safety policies, procedures and training documents at the company and worker level to ensure compliance.

Lower your risk exposure

Build new partnerships with over 130,000 reputable and compliant contractors in the Avetta network.

Talk to an expert
Talk to an expert

Modern health and safety solutions for your dynamic compliance needs

Identify risks before incidents happen with one simple, proactive platform.

Simplify contractor and subcontractor prequalification

Get complete visibility across your contractor and supplier network with accurate and comprehensive contractor prequalification.
Collect and verify essential information using dynamic forms

Reduce administrative burden by relying on Avetta to seamlessly collect, verify and monitor safety qualifications, programs and practices.

Configure to your business needs

Easily implement questionnaires and workflows that reflect your business's unique processes, compliance requirements and needs.

Manage your subcontractors

Extend prequalification and compliance requirements to primes and subcontractors for greater compliance visibility.

Confidently strengthen your safety culture using comprehensive audits

Get peace of mind with objective and impartial safety assessments from our global team of certified auditors.
Verify compliance with safety manual audits

A professional auditor validates every contractor safety program and manual, then stores it digitally for access at any time.

Get critical insights without having to put in the time, money or energy

Get implementation verification to make sure your contractors integrate safety practices into their daily operations.

Leverage field audits from impartial, certified experts

Verify compliance in the field with onsite observation of safety behavior from certified professionals.

Champion a safer workforce and worksite

Ensure workers meet the required safety, training and other compliance requirements before gaining access to a site.
Collect and monitor worker qualifications

Verify and track worker qualifications, certifications and training by aligning them with industry standards, local regulations and your company's requirements.

Oversee contractor site access

Manage site access, enhance security and allow only qualified personnel into restricted areas.

Get workers on site faster

Leverage our Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and track training programs and site inductions virtually.

Track upcoming contractor expirations

Use expiration tracking and automatic alerts before and after worker certifications expire, renew or change to help your contractors remain in compliance.

Get better visibility into project and worksite safety

Digitize your work request management and safety assessments to better control liability and risk on your worksite.
Implement contractor work requests

Create and manage work for your contractors, configured to your project and site specifics.

Assign safety assessments

Proactively manage workplace safety by aligning with contractors on project hazards and controls. Leverage our Ask Ava AI tool to catch risk gaps before they become incidents.

Capture observations and behaviors

Make the worksite safer with the ability to capture hazard observations and record any corrective actions taken.

Leverage post-job performance reviews

Review job performance and past performance review data when selecting future contractors to ensure quality work and conformance with safety standards.

Before working with Avetta, contractor audits or legal issues were time-consuming and often delayed work in the field. Now, when we have issues with contractor safety information, we can be much more proactive.

Nick Wilkerson
Safety Director
SBA Communications
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