Sustainability, ESG and DEI

Comply with growing global sustainability regulations

Drive innovative sustainability and diversity principles throughout your supply chain. Join the ranks of 500+ industry leaders who have embraced real sustainability change.

86% of business leaders see sustainability as an investment that protects their organization from disruption

Growing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements are quickly becoming standard across businesses of all sizes and all sectors. Resilient businesses must prepare for increasing sustainability reporting laws and regulations emerging globally.

Gain a centralized view of your risks

Eliminate complicated spreadsheets and disparate data sources. Streamline supplier climate and social data collection leveraging automation tools.

Simplify ESG compliance

Collect audit-ready data on contractors, suppliers and subcontractors. Optimize your supply chain for sustainability, minimizing environmental impact and social risk without compromising efficiency.

Tailor your evaluations

Automatically assign the appropriate regulatory requirements to suppliers based on their trade, industry, and location that align with your unique organizational goals and data needs.

Make continuous improvements

Monitor supplier sustainability performance scores, annual benchmarks, and ESG maturity growth to identify critical risk areas, tailor compliance improvement plans, and track progress.

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Talk to an expert

Sustainability is an ongoing journey, not a singular project

We support you and your contractors’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) maturity, monitoring continual progress and enhancing sustainability scores and impact.

Navigate an expanding ESG regulation landscape

Sustainability reporting, supply chain due diligence and climate disclosure can be intimidating—and will only continue to increase. It’s more important than ever to leverage the right tools for visibility and compliance.
GHG Scope 3 emissions reporting

Transform your approach to sustainability with comprehensive supply chain emissions reporting. Reduce risk of greenwashing with direct supplier data and decarbonization collaboration. Streamline your environmental impact tracking and reduce indirect emissions from your entire value chain.

German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

Conduct required due diligence across your entire supply chain to reduce climate and social risks. Assess environmental and labor practices, identify human rights risks and maintain documentation to demonstrate compliance. Review and verify supporting documentation for greater assurance.

Climate disclosure rules

Navigate emerging climate reporting needs like the SEC’s regulations on climate-related disclosures and other supply chain emissions transparency requirements. Proactively prepare for expanding requirements in your supply chain by fostering open communication with your contractors and suppliers with action oriented playbooks around climate-related risks and impacts.

EU's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CS3D) and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Implement due diligence to identify and address sustainability risks in your supply chain. Ensure ethical and sustainable practices throughout your operations, and increase assurance confidence by reviewing documentation and governance controls.

Canada’s S-211 and Forced Labor Regulations

Develop and affirm your strategy to combat forced labor, child labor and human trafficking across your operations and supply chain. Prevent, detect and remedy instances of modern slavery, fostering transparency and accountability in your business operations.

Track carbon emissions and GHG reporting

Due to tightening regulations and consumer demands, reducing your business’s carbon footprint is more critical than ever.
Monitor your carbon emissions

Collect contractor and supplier emissions data and get carbon offset strategy advice.

Deliver annual reporting

Track progress and meet corporate goals with annual reporting. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and measure your emissions impact over time.

Offer free emissions calculators to contractors

Help contractors new to green reporting accurately calculate their carbon emissions with our partner, Sustain.Life.

Evaluate your contractors’ ESG performance

Develop a customized ESG program for contractors based on their trade, industry and location to improve sustainability while ensuring regulatory compliance—regardless of your expertise, resources or budget.
See ESG scores for your entire supply chain

Avetta’s patented ESG Index provides you with sustainability ratings that represent the risk level and maturity of your contractors using their data and globally accepted frameworks like GRI, SASB and SDG.

Identify, measure and address ESG compliance

Avetta's comprehensive ESG prequalification forms (PQFs) help establish a baseline for your ESG initiatives and track progress over time, ensuring your contractors adhere to their sustainability commitments.

Make diversity a priority and a growth driver

Contractor diversity drives innovation, unlocks new markets and empowers informed decision-making. However, effectively managing your diversity classification can be a complex process.
Help contractors showcase their diversity

Contractors can self-report their classification directly on their Avetta profile with certification uploads, highlighting their unique value proposition from the start.

Streamline diversity data collection

Simplify the collection and verification of contractor diversity certificates with prequalification forms (PQFs) that are reviewed by Avetta's compliance professionals, reducing manual tasks and administrative burdens.

Find the perfect fit

Search and connect with new contractors across the Avetta network based on your specific diversity criteria, ensuring you tap into a wide pool of qualified partners.

Gain actionable insights

Track progress, identify gaps and measure your journey towards attaining your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) goals using powerful reporting and analytics tools that drill down into your contractors’ diversity data.

We're excited to see many of our suppliers completing the ESG forms. This platform gives us a head start in understanding where our suppliers are in terms of ESG matters. Understanding and using this information will be vital for us in reaching our long-term ESG goals.

Beth Whitten
Head of Procurement - Projects
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