Sustainability, ESG and DEI

Holistically understand your emissions footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint while simplifying and streamlining your emissions reporting process by automating data collection.

Empower your contractors, achieve your goals and make informed decisions

Lower your GHG emissions by as much as 60% with supply chain Scope 3 management.

Gain visibility into emissions footprint

Simplify emissions reporting across your entire supply chain. Get a complete view of your footprint and effortlessly ensure compliance.

Simplify emissions reporting

Empower contractors who are new to emissions reporting and eliminate data collection obstacles using Avetta’s support tools and resources.

Share progress and improvements

Track progress and meet corporate goals with annual reporting. Showcase your organization’s commitment to sustainability and measure your impact over time.

Lower emissions

Set data-driven decarbonization goals with contractors and suppliers and develop strategic reduction plans. Actively monitor progress year over year.

Secure funding

Attract funding from regulators and investors with targeted supply chain emissions management. Garner support for your sustainability initiatives with cost-saving efficiencies.

Enhance brand and social reputation

Attract environmentally-conscious customers and top talent by adopting sustainable practices.

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Take action to lower your carbon footprint

Avetta helps you avoid greenwashing and ensure defensible reporting with the most accurate recommendations and calculations based on the latest greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting standards and direct supplier data.

Centralize multiple data sources

Automate contractor GHG data collection and centralize your supply chain data to drive accuracy while reducing administrative burden.
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Deepen your supply chain visibility

Avetta's sustainability assessment platform and rapid contractor GHG collection tool provide greater visibility and assurance beyond Tier 1 contractors and suppliers, extending across your entire supply chain.
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Simplify supply chain carbon accounting

View the latest recommendations from government agencies, academic research, company reports and third-party standards organizations to protect against greenwashing.
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Confidently navigate decarbonization with your contractors

According to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), supply chain emissions are estimated to be, on average, 5.5 times higher than a company's direct emissions.
At Avetta, we meet suppliers where they are to jointly tackle the new, rapidly-changing sustainability and emissions landscape by offering guidance, partnerships, calculators and customer support to ease the compliance journey.
Free emissions calculators

Even contractors and suppliers new to green reporting can calculate their emissions accurately with the help of our partner, Sustain.Life.

Discounted carbon credits

Help suppliers reach their targets affordably with discounted carbon credits from Cloverly, balancing your footprint and maintaining a green reputation.

Data-driven insights

Gain clear visibility into your entire supply chain's emissions with annual reporting and analytics. Drive continuous improvement with your contractors based on actionable insights.

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Transforming a Utility Client's supplier management program through the Avetta One solution
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