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The Intersection of Compliance and Culture webinar with Scott DeBow

Discover the intersection of culture and compliance in the workforce. In our session, explore the value, measurement challenges, cultural enablement, and the link between human error and employee engagement.

Avetta Marketing
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There are few things as impersonal to the workforce as 'compliance', yet this is a critically important area where organizational focus around achieving or exceeding rules for 'good, safe work' ebbs and flows based on powerful factors in and around our workforce. In other words, when culture and compliance meet, there is either risk around weakening compliance functions or an opportunity to strengthen our fundamentals for identifying, communicating, and managing risk to acceptable levels. In this session we will explore: What is the value of compliance and why is it needful?The Plumb Line: Measuring Up and the Challenge with Measurement Cultural Enablement: Good Rules and Bad Rules in Light of Important Rules What is the relationship between Human Error and Employee Engagement?

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