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  • Connecting the World's Largest Companies to the Safest, Most Qualified Contractors

    Learn how Avetta builds connections through a supply chain risk management platform

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  • Supply Chain Sustainability | Industry Trends & Best Practices

    An interview with Tom Cecich, President of ASSE.

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  • Committed to Fostering Supply Chain Sustainability

    Avetta helps our customers to grow long-term environmental, social and economic value throughout their supply chain.

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What sets us apart.

Adaptive SaaS Solutions


Our proprietary SaaS model is both intuitive and adaptive. Unlike many of the one-size-fits all models of our competitors, our technology is suited to the individual client. While the 1s and 0s are impressive, the insight that goes into it is truly remarkable.

Expert Supply Chain Risk Management


We go to great lengths to understand the minds of our clients, and embed that insight into configured risk management solutions. Our technology is based on a deep understanding of our clients’ needs every step of the way. We take a human approach, throughout the entire process.

Award Winning SaaS Technology


Thank you Ventana Research for recognizing us as the 2016 Technology Innovation award winner! This award demonstrates our strong commitment to environmental protection, health and safety in the workplace through the use of our technology to qualify contractors and prevent risk in the supply chain.

Solving problems.  Creating business growth.

We’ve delivered CEMEX over 14,000 reviews identifying its highest performing contractors.
The largest U.S. wireless communications provider counts on Avetta for supply chain risk management.
GE operates its global enterprise using Avetta for its supply chain risk management solution.
Avetta services the largest chemical producer company in the world, BASF.
Avetta provides support and supply chain services to global commercial real estate company, JLL.
Avetta reduced Huntsman’s U.S. contractors TRIR by 74%.
The safest airline in the world hired Avetta to make them even safer.
Avetta provides a global solution for the world’s largest energy company.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Avetta is proud to support our customers on their journey to sustainability. We help them to manage environmental, social and economic impacts and grow long-term value throughout the supply chain.



Supply chain sustainability is the management of environmental, social and economic impacts and the encouragement of good governance practices throughout the organization. The adaptive Avetta platform helps our clients create, protect, and grow long-term value by mitigating sustainability risks in the supply chain—thus controlling costs, protecting market share, and reducing premiums.



With focus on environmental protection, occupational health, and safety at work, the SaaS-based Avetta solution enables the prevention of incidents or accidents that might result from abnormal operating conditions and  reduction in adverse effects that result from normal operating conditions.



CSR reporting—sometimes referred to as the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit)—refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society. Avetta unequivocally supports its clients in their efforts around environment, philanthropy, and ethical labor practices.



Bribery and corruption are the most common challenges for foreign investors when they arrive at unknown territories to do business. It’s a major threat to commercial activity and economic factors; therefore, stronger anti-bribery measures are required wherever foreign investment is welcomed. These threats can be dramatically reduced through the Avetta risk assessment method.



Environmental supply chain management responsibility is a cornerstone among voluntary actions taken by Avetta clients. The most significant impacts on the environment and society, in terms of corporate operations, occur in supply chains. The SaaS-based Avetta platform helps our clients to extend their commitment to responsible business practices.



Avetta knows that companies with sound financial viability have the ability to generate sufficient income to meet operating payments and debt commitments—all while allowing for growth and maintaining service levels. The manner in which we help our clients engage and leverage third-party suppliers fundamentally improves their financial viability data.

Stay connected. Stay informed.



Championing Sustainability from the Highest Positions

Sustainability in business has to start at the top. CEOs and leaders need to embrace the value of sustainability to their organization.

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