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The Indispensability of Workplace Incident Investigations in Creating Safer Workplaces

This white paper explores global workplace incident trends, focusing on biases, CSA Z1005's role, and the ROI of thorough investigations. Gain insights from safety experts Peter Sturm and Scott DeBow.

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This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of global workplace incident trends, focusing on the top three biases leading to such incidents. It also highlights the significance of CSA Z1005 as a risk management standard and outlines the ROI of thorough incident investigations, covering emergency response to post-incident interviews. Additionally, it introduces an Investigation Evidence Gathering Matrix.Learning Objectives:Gain a deep understanding of current global workplace incident trends and their underlying biases.Recognize the value of CSA Z1005 in proactive incident prevention and mitigation.Learn about the ROI associated with robust incident investigations and the practical steps involved in enhancing workplace safety protocols.Peter Sturm, EMBA, BA, CRSP, CHSC, is a senior Safety, Health and Risk Management Executive with STURM Consulting Inc. He works with companies to assist them in strategically managing their safety and health risks while at the same time effectively capitalizing on their human capital assets. This includes integrating their safety and health management systems into their business strategies, sustainability, and human capital initiatives. His leadership roles include: Past President of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, Board Member of the Centre for Safety & Health Sustainability, Chair of CSA Z1005 Investigation Standard, Vice President/Director of Minerva Canada, and Governor with BCRSP. He is a Professional Member (CSSE). He attained the CSSE Safety Professional of the Year in 2015 and Outstanding Service to CSSE/Volunteer of the Year in 2019.Scott DeBow, CSP, ARM serves as Principal of Health/Safety & Environmental for Avetta. He's a highly collaborative, strategic thinker and operator with 19 years of progressive leadership in the realm of risk/occupational safety. Working to align people, teams, and industry resources for safety within the joint-employer community, he devotes much of his time to developing safety leadership across organizations with a targeted emphasis on systems improvements to address the most critical type of risk far too easily overlooked: serious injury/fatality, or SIF. Scott is an active member of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), serves on the board for the National Safety Council (NSC: Southeast) and passionately believes that helping people and organizations grow in safety leadership benefits and transforms our society.

Health and Safety

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