Risk Series Episode 6: Cybersecurity & Financial Viability

Avetta Marketing
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With the proliferation of technology, supply chains have become digitally smarter and more vulnerable than ever before. Cyber threats include every touchpoint of the value chain including sourcing, delivery, vendor management, intellectual property management, and transport system, among several other areas. Financial risk has been historically seen as a key source of risk in the supplier-company ecosystem. Suppliers experiencing financial or operational challenges with either business or worker management can affect contracts and disrupt services. But how do you ensure the financial health of your suppliers?Join Avetta’s Global Director of Sales Development, Brett Armstrong, as he shares real-world stories in cybersecurity & financial viability and lessons companies can learn from them.Key Learning objectives: Proactive approaches toward cybersecurityAssessing suppliers’ digital security and riskEnsuring suppliers have been properly trained to use sensitive information and protect it with the right toolsManaging, tracking, and mitigating the financial risk of suppliers in complex supply chainsHow to evaluate and filter risky accounts

Audits and Assessments
Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Contractor Management
Contractor Prequalification
Contractor Safety
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Risk

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