Coronavirus Remediation in The Supply Chain - And Lessons from SARS

Avetta White Paper


The phantom of the SARS-CoV outbreak is threatening to disrupt the global economy once again in the form of 2019-nCoV. But the new strain of the coronavirus might have an even bigger impact than the SARS-CoV outbreak. It took the SARS outbreak more than six months to infect 5,000 people in mainland China. 2019-nCoV had reached that number in less than a month.

This white paper contains insights from recent interviews with leading organizations on how they are responding to the crisis. You'll learn:

  • Similarities between the coronavirus outbreak and SARs
  • Tips to sustain your business during the fallout
  • What are force majeure declarations and how they apply
  • How a leading EHS team is safeguarding their supply chain