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Avetta Proudly Announces Partner Awards at EMEA 2019 Regional Summit

Avetta recognizes partner clients' achievements in supply chain management at its EMEA summit.

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Avetta understands that our trusted partner client network deserves the lion’s share of the credit when it comes to the success of our supply chain management solution. Not only do our partner clients’ successes prove Avetta’s value proposition, but their unparalleled implementation and processes make them shining examples for other Avetta customers to follow. That’s why Avetta is committed to recognizing our partner clients for their individual successes in the respective achievement categories: Connect Collaboration, Implementation Excellence, and International Partnership. Recently, Avetta held its regional EMEA summit and presented these deserving partners with their awards.

The Award for Connect Collaboration Goes to – DTZ Investors

DTZ Investors is an exceptional case study of client engagement. This is a client where daily decisions relating to suppliers’ abilities and performance are made with a significant impact on the business. To achieve their success, DTZ Investors devoted a resource as a dedicated point of contact, working with Avetta each day to ensure maximum value from the process. With Connect came the opportunity for better, more focused data, but this also meant change which brings challenges. As a result, DTZ Investors had to allocate resources to training. As such, the transition and the benefits of that came to fruition. That’s why Avetta is proud to recognize DTZ Investors as the winner of the Connect Collaboration Award for 2019. Accepting the award on behalf of the company was Becca Savvides, Victoria Cheeseman, and Alesha Chamberlain.

The Award for Implementation Excellence Goes to – Bouygues Energies & Services UK

Implementation of a new supply chain management software can be challenging. It brings change to internal processes and brings a new level of due diligence and transparency into the supply chain. Bouygues Energies & Services UK engaged Avetta as it needed a single, robust process for multiple, diverse businesses: property, government, and energy. There were conflicting legacy processes and multiple stakeholders in each business unit, but the size of the prize was so great that they boldly moved forward. As a result, Bouygues Energies & Services UK has been incredibly successful. They’ve built and launched a highly configured platform, trained over 200 users, onboarded and auditing over 600 contractors in year one, and extended the process with performance reviews and evaluation of several thousand workers. For the Implementation Excellence Award for 2019 there is no equal to Bouygues Energies & Services. Accepting on their behalf was Gregoire Boulin, and Maud Santamaria.

The Award for International Partnership Goes to – Tesco UK

Tesco is no stranger to Avetta, and we’ve had a healthy business relationship for over five years. They had a robust legacy partner, but a key driver for change was their global scope. They have businesses in 20 countries but a supply chain in over 100. Their business relies on these companies from construction to operations and maintenance to distribution. And the retail sector offers its own challenges where full supply chain transparency is demanded by the public. That’s why there can be no other winner of the International Partnership Award for 2019 than Tesco UK. Accepting on the company’s behalf was. Chris Rowberry.

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