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Avetta Proudly Announces Partner Awards at APAC 2019 Regional Summit

Avetta acknowledges client partners' contributions in supply chain management software.

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Avetta continues to make strides as a leader in the supply chain management software industry. However, our gains are made possibly only by the successes achieved by our client partners. That’s why we honor them for the tremendous value they bring to the Avetta platform in areas such as: Connect Collaboration, Implementation Excellence, and International Partnership. Recently, Avetta held its regional APAC summit and recognized these deserving partners with their awards.

The Award for Connect Collaboration Goes to – BGIS

BGIS sought after a way to add business value to its own business, its clients, and its entire supply chain. So, they decided to develop an end-to-end worker management and contractor management program. The goal was ambitious, but with the Avetta platform undergirding the contractor management component, BGIS was able to develop and deploy the program in under 12 months. In that time, over 1300 contractors were onboarded. As a result, the system BGIS created with Avetta will revolutionize the solution and service BGIS provides its clients. For this reason, BGIS deserves the Connect Collaboration Award for 2019. Dan Carpenter, the Director of Operations Support Services APAC, accepted on behalf of BGIS.

The Award for Implementation Excellence Goes to – Honeywell

It’s no secret that change management is challenging for organizations, but Honeywell exemplifies the adage that pressure builds diamonds. Throughout the implementation and deployment of the Avetta solution, Honeywell was driven to maintain continued commitment, enforcement, and participation from its key stakeholders. They remained dedicated and thought outside the box for ways to instill the value and importance of the Avetta platform within each geographical expansion. Avetta is proud to call Honeywell a client partner as they push into China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan to solidify their presence in the APAC region. The 2019 award for Implementation Excellence goes to Honeywell Building Solutions. Shannon Bathis, Global Supply Chain Leader, accepted on behalf of the company.

The Award for International Partnership Goes to – CBRE

CBRE has been an Avetta client partner since 2016, and they have a dominating presence with a huge footprint in the APAC region. They are currently employing the Avetta solution in 26 countries globally, 14 of which fall within APAC. CBRE’s most recently expanded into South Korea. Avetta’s partnership with CBRE has strengthened over the years with their commitment to enforcement and transparency internally of the Avetta solution. For these reasons and more, the winner of the International Partnership award for 2019 is CBRE.

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