Automating subcontractor management, performance monitoring, and EHS compliance at the global and individual site level with Avetta Connect

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The client provides expert engineering, design, consulting, and project management services for utilities and natural gas pipeline operators across the United States.

The full-services firm is led by former utility executives who are experienced in all aspects of engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of natural gas pipelines, as well as electronic transmission and distribution systems.

The company operates more than 105 offices throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and is focused primarily on the private sector, with around 300 employees providing services across more than 15 states.

Business Challenges

Currently, the client operates five physical office locations including two in northern and southern California, and one each in Georgia, Arizona, and Colorado. It also supports clients around the world.

To meet client demands and keep service level high, the client relies on a robust team of subcontractors at each site. Prior to joining the Avetta platform, it was experiencing a range of business challenges that prevented total organizational efficiency.

Manual Contractor Management

The client needed to keep a close eye on contractor activity, both to ensure their client's needs were being met and that the on-site teams were operating in an efficient, safe manner.
At the time, the client was still performing subcontractor management via a manual process. Not only was this step time-consuming and inefficient, but it also prevented the team from achieving deep visibility into the operating standards of each sub, which heightened organizational liability.

A Lack Of EHS Data

In addition to verifying operational performance, the client also wanted to confirm that each member of its supply chain was following stringent protocols around environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards. To do so, it needed to ensure that all required documentation was in place, including Certificates of Insurance (COIs). Yet, it lacked the tools required to set up a robust subcontractor safety and vetting program.

To an extent, this verification process was already occurring to a degree. However, it took the company many hours to track the requisite data, as well as review each contractor's health and safety documents for accuracy and completion.

While seeking to upgrade its subcontractor management approach, the client also wanted to make its own health and safety operations more efficient, making the switch from manual-based processes to digital automation where possible.

Difficulty Tracking Contractor Action

With such a widespread global presence, the client needed the ability to set specific requirements for each contractor based on client requirements at the individual site level. From there, it wanted to monitor the actions and activities at each site to make sure they were compliant.

To solve these challenges, the client began looking at customizable solutions, including microsites, that would allow it to individualize its approach to subcontractor management. Each microsite would have its own set of data that pertained to the client, and all sites would feed into one larger, primary site that users could access.

“Before Avetta, the (onboarding) process was a time-intensive one because everything had to be handled via paper and email. We have been able to save countless hours by working with Avetta.” — Health and Safety Manager


Avetta Connect Platform

The partnership with Avetta began in 2014, when the client joined the Avetta connect platform as a pre-vetted contractor. After seeing how valuable that partnership was, the team knew exactly where to turn when it was time to vet its own contractors.

After meeting with the team the explaining their current pain points and business challenges, the client decided to implement three Avetta connect solutions including contractor prequalification, insurance monitoring, and Analytics 2.0, a tool for customizable dashboards and detailed EHS reports.

Contractor Prequalification

As a result of this rollout, the client now has the ability to choose from a list of pre-vetted, approved vendors that comply with both industry and company requirements.
Instead of searching indiscriminately for the right supply chain partners, it can be confident that the contractors it brings onboard are ones that can make the company stronger and more successful. Currently, there are 17 active contractors in the system with a 59% compliance rate.

This streamlined approach to contractor review and compliance makes internal operations easier while also allowing the client to maintain high level of trust with its valued customers.

Insurance Monitoring

The client now has a centralized, easy-to-access location for all of its COI data. With just few clicks, team member can locate COI documents to verify that a subcontractor is maintaining compliance and upholding all required safety protocols.

Analytics 2.0

With Analytics 2.0, the client has access to detailed, customized EHS reports for each contractor. The tool also allows each user to tailor their dashboard to display the data that's most pertinent to their role.

“Prior to Avetta, we did not have a centralized location for EHS and COI data. Now , we have a clearer picture of our contractor safety program.” — Health and safety Manager

Looking Ahead

Building upon its success with the Avetta connect platform, the client plans to expand its safety program and take its new capabilities nationwide. Now that it has a solution in place to easily vet and monitor contractor performance across the supply chain, the team is ready to approach new markets, clients, and territories.

As the client continues to move forward, Avetta will be there every step of the way. The Avetta team is playing a major role in helping the client supplement, manage, and engage with local providers.

With access to reputable, pre-vetted contractors near each location, the client is now able to offer a wider and more comprehensive range of technical and professional services to its clients. This positions them as turnkey service providers and mitigates the need for clients to outsource certain parts of their projects.

Avetta looks forward to growing this alliance far into the future, helping the company achieve and secure the long-term growth it desires.

Safety is a critical component of what we do. Avetta has been an important partner that helps us manage our contractors and subcontractors so that we can maintain the quality of safety that our clients expect from us.

VP of Operations