What's Behind the Smoke Screen? How Everyday Work Can Spark Supply Chain Disruption

Avetta Marketing
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Labor shortages, rising costs and budget cuts have forced businesses and suppliers alike to rely on outsourcing to a mix of temp workers, contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, vendors and more.These persistent challenges act as smokescreens that blur leaders' abilities to see new a gamut of risks - from health and safety to financial to operational - even cyber risk. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire.Today’s daily scramble to do more with less can spark supply chain disruptions that burn the bottom line.Do you know what’s behind your smokescreen? Join our live discussion that may change your views about the disruptive risks concealed within “everyday work”. This on-demand webinar covers:How new regulatory and digital trends are driving new supply chain risksHow to mitigate risks without sacrificing resources or productivityCreative tactics to tailor supplier and vendor due diligence for better business outcomes

Health and Safety
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management

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