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Pandemics and Biohazards: Missed Opportunities and a Path Forward

Learn how to control airborne-transmitted diseases and biohazards effectively with proper procedures and equipment.

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While many regard airborne-transmitted diseases and many biohazards as existing outside the reliable hazard control processes in safety management, they are not enigmas, and they are not beyond control; also, they are not politicized scare tactics.Instead, airborne-transmitted diseases and other biohazards are subject to hazard control processes and controllable with proper procedures, equipment, and situational awareness. This presentation details these hazard controls, what went well and not-so-well during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the world can better understand and prepare for incoming biohazards.Using reliable CBRNE control methodology and real-world case studies from biohazard responses, Cory Worden will explain how.

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