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Optimizing Contractor Safety Management: Frameworks & Technologies for Managing Risk & Generating Results

Discover the complexities and risks of improving contractor safety management in our on-demand webinar. Gain insights into enhancing risk controls across various business functions and learn strategies for continual improvement.

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Watch this on-demand webinar discussing the complexities and risks associated with improving contractor safety management. We explore the need to enhance risk controls and decision making in various business functions, including procurement, finance, insurance, cybersecurity, ESG, and serious injury prevention. By comparing current practices, identifying limitations and opportunities, and examining research data, we will highlight ways to improve safety management systems. Additionally, we will address the traditional challenges faced by safety practitioners in contractor safety management and provide a framework and strategies for evaluating their organization's current state and driving continual improvement.Learning Objectives:Gain a deep understanding of the shortcomings of current practices in contractor safety management and discover how risk impacts various business functions.Dive into cutting-edge research that advocating for well-defined strategies and tactics within an effective safety management system for contractor safety management.Acquire three powerful strategies that safety practitioners can utilize to evaluate their organization's current state, elevate expectations, and align workforce management systems to achieve superior outcomes.

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