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Operational Risk Management: An Inevitability for Supply Chain Excellence

Discover the top operational risks impacting supply chains and gain insights from a transportation perspective. Learn how to create an effective Operational Risks Management Program in four steps.

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The last decade has borne witness to two clear trends in supply chains. The first is the growing complexity of supply chains to get better margins and regulatory shifts to accommodate changing markets. The second trend is the growing number of supply chain disruptions coming from a wide range of factors. The risk landscape is an integral part of modern supply chain characteristics. As businesses try to plan a path of least disruption through challenges, they must focus on one of the most far-reaching risk types when it comes to supply chains— operational risk.In this white paper you will learn:Six of the top most impactful operational risksInsight and examples from a transportation perspectiveFour steps to creating an Operational Risks Management ProgramThis white paper was co-authored by thought leader and Avetta Fellow, Brian Fielkow. He is a highly regarded business executive and author with extensive supply chain, safety, and leadership experience.

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