Health and Safety

New Strategies Revolutionizing Worker Safety

Learn about the latest advancements in worker training technologies for industries like Construction, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas. Discover how virtual reality, workforce monitoring, and mobile management revolutionize safety and productivity in heavy industries.

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As advances in technology and product offerings continue, workers across the Construction, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries are being faced with increasingly complex, high-risk, high-consequence processes and working conditions. To remain safe on the job while maintaining productivity, these workers require continuous training and review cycles.The new dynamic of layoffs and furloughs brought on by COVID-19 increases the need now more than ever for remote training, competency review, onboarding for new hires, more effective knowledge archive and transfer from the aging workforce. While current safety methods have been the best available for years, it is now time for a reassessment of the training and compliance technology landscape. Here are three emerging technologies upscaling training today.In this white paper we discuss these three main strategies including virtual reality, workforce monitoring, and mobile management. We further explain why newer strategies are more effective than traditional safety methods for complex and high-risk processes and technologies in heavier industries.In this white paper we address:the pros and cons of different types of worker traininghow to implement ideal training principles with techthe benefits of workforce monitoring and mobile managementThis whitepaper was coauthored by Hard Hat VR.

Health and Safety

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