Analytics-Driven Supply Chain Design – Key Challenges and Opportunities

Discover innovative supply chain design with Milena Janjevic from MIT's Megacity Logistics Lab. Explore trends, tools, and flexibility for competitive advantage.

Avetta Marketing
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In this webinar, Milena Janjevic, a research scientist at the Megacity Logistics Lab at MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics, will discuss new approaches and models for supply chain design, as well as the tools that enable them.

Key Topics:

  • Understand how global trends and market development impact the way we envision supply chain design and why the traditional approaches are outdated
  • Learn which are the most promising advances in data analytics, machine learning, optimization, simulation and network science that can support the new science of supply chain design
  • Identify how to leverage these new approaches in order to design flexible and adaptive supply chains, source of value creation and competitive advantage for companies
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