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Avetta definitely saves us time and money in terms of sourcing great suppliers."

Nick Wilkerson, Safety Director, SBA Communications


Is there hidden risk in your supply chain?

Get the free risk assessment from Avetta

Discover your next  go-to Supplier

Discover your next go-to Supplier

Connect with over 150,000 Suppliers on the Avetta network – including Suppliers that have already been vetted and prequalified.

Supply chain visibility from first job to final analysis

Avetta’s supply chain risk management solution covers the entire 
lifecycle – and it can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  

Supplier Qualification

Quickly ensure new suppliers meet your needs and requirements

Define your own compliance criteria   
and KPIs within Avetta’s Connect platform.   

Avetta does the work of collecting  
and assessing supplier documentation   
to ensure your requirements are met.    

Quickly ensure new suppliers meet your needs and requirements

A service that keeps pace with your supply chain

It’s all too easy for an insurance
renewal or safety data to fall through
the cracks post-qualification.

Avetta proactively collects
this information annually, protecting
your business year in, year out.

Proactive Supplier Insurance Verification and Monitoring
Evaluation + Analytics

Look beneath the surface for deeper supply chain insights

Who are your safest, best-quality and
most sustainable suppliers? What can
you learn from them?

With intuitive analytics and data
visualisation, Avetta makes these kinds
of insights available and accessible.


Value for teams across your organisation