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Workforce by Avetta
Get on site, on time, every time. Compliance made mobile with Workforce by Avetta.
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Your Mobile Worker Profile

You have been invited to download the new worker mobile app, Workforce by Avetta. Using this app, you can check the status of your access ID card, and tap your device on the Bluetooth reader for faster site access.

You can download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play

How to Sign Up

1. Download

First, you download Workforce by Avetta from the App Store or Google Play

2. Get Started

Tap ‘Getting Started’ and enter the email address or mobile phone number that you were invited with.

3. Verify

Enter the six-digit code sent to your email to verify your account

4. Set Password

Once you set your password, you can get started

What You Can Do Now

Access all of your ID cards in the app, and never worry about losing or damaging your plastic cards

View your roles and competencies and understand your compliance progress

Use Tap to Access functionality and get on site in seconds (for participating clients)

How to Use Tap to Access

For sites where Tap-to-Access is enabled, select Tap On or Off, and tap your device on the reader at the site gate. Your profile is checked against all access requirements. If compliance is up to date, you’ll be granted access.

In the same way you use your phone to pay for your morning coffee, sign into site using Tap to Access. Using secure Bluetooth technology, all you need is your phone to access site. Bluetooth must be enabled and permission to use Bluetooth must be granted to the Workforce by Avetta app in order to use this feature.

Once the reader detects your device, the screen will change to Card Scanned.

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