Worker Management

Avetta’s worker management software allows you to easily verify your employee’s qualifications and streamline online training. Maintain workforce qualifications with the right management solution built for reducing risk and increasing return.

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What is Worker Management?

You put a lot of effort into prequalifying suppliers at the company level. But, what about the individual employees from each of those companies? Is there a worker management system in place? Are they qualified to perform the work? Have they completed the appropriate training? Avetta makes it easy to verify individual employees’ qualifications and provide online training for faster induction. Get the greatest return on your outsourcing investment and significantly reduce risk by ensuring only the right people are allowed to perform critical day to day job functions.


Are Supplier Employees Qualified and Trained?

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Qualifying and training each supplier employee puts a lot of strain on your internal human resources. However, neglecting worker management undermines your supplier prequalification efforts and can lead to accidents and delays, caused by poor performance.


Qualification and Training Verified with Worker Management

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Avetta's Worker Management system ensures that only properly qualified and trained workers are hired. Qualification and training is completed before supplier employees begin work so projects are started and completed faster.

What is a Supplier Worker Management System?

Supplier management is the actions taken to qualify all suppliers, even third-party suppliers, to ensure every one of them meets compliance and regulatory requirements. This is done quickly, easily, and thoroughly through Avetta’s supplier management system.

Avetta uses the following features to gain faster induction, get better work quality, and minimize risk:

  • Qualification Document Upload
  • Learning Management System
  • Multi-Language Platform
  • System-to-System Connectivity
  • Time and Attendance
  • QR Code Scanning
  • Worker Variance

With a fully integrated supplier management system, the supplier management process facilitates a greater return on your outsourcing investment without undermining contractor management or corporate and social responsibility.

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Qualification Document Upload

Ensure supplier employees have the necessary certifications and licenses by enabling them to easily upload required documentation. The data collected is easily accessible from any web-enabled device and can be used to fulfil unique requirements for multiple sites.

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Learning Management System

Save time by enabling supplier employees to complete site-specific orientation and induction training online before they arrive onsite. Avetta's worker management tools allow you to track lesson completion, verify knowledge retention, and record workforce training and certification so workers are ready to start as soon as the project begins.

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Multi-Language Platform

Companies with a global reach can localize their process through the Avetta platform. Local languages enable users and administrators to navigate and manage the platform using the language in which they are comfortable for a seamless global experience.

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System-to-System Connectivity

Easily connect to other systems in your internal technology ecosystem. Enrich human resource and badging systems with crucial information from Avetta for better risk management decisions, increased security, and improved access control.

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Time and Attendance

Need to find out when your workers checked-in/checked-out of that work site? Need to track productivity rates? Have other time keeping requirements? The Time and Attendance feature allows clients to track who was on site and when in case of an incident. It also allows clients to see who's onsite in real-time in case of an emergency. For suppliers this feature allows you to find out when your workers checked into the work site and when they checked out and much more.

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QR Code Scanning

Need to access work compliance details on site? QR Code Scanning allows clients to access worker compliance details on site. For suppliers this capability puts your green-lighted workers at ‘ready-set-go’ status once they arrive on site. For workers this is your QR code which is tied to your training and compliance records within Avetta Worker Management.

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Worker Variance

This Client Only Feature allows clients to override a worker’s compliance status for a site, role, or requirement. Does a worker need more time to complete training or other requirement? This feature allows clients to extend a worker’s compliance timeframe and much more.


They will answer any question you have or they will find somebody who can answer the question. They will work with you to make sure the solution is customized to the needs that you have for whatever situation you may be in. It’s a pleasant experience all the way around. Everybody speaks positively of it.

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Worker Management Benefits Your Entire Organization

Risk Management

Send a strong signal of your commitment to risk management and prevent costly incidents by holding suppliers to a higher standard during the hiring selection process.

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Health & Safety

Ensure workers go home safe by increasing safety and eliminating the risk of accidents due to poor performance from inadequate qualifications and improper training.

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Contractor Management

Get the granular visibility needed to set clear terms and conditions and have effective communication when working with suppliers while reducing financial and legal risk.

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Establish a workplace culture of high procurement standards throughout your organization and make better procurement decisions with employee-level screening.

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Fine-tune compliance standards and stay plugged in at the employee level for better control over supply chain compliance.

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Corporate And Social Responsibility

Ensure safe working environments for internal and outsourced workers by ensuring only qualified and properly trained people perform critical job functions.

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