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Employee-level verification for safer work sites

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Safer work sites

Manage site-level safety effectively by monitoring who comes to your work sites. Make sure they are qualified and trained to perform critical job functions.


Reduced risk

Reduce the risk of costly incidents and citations with visibility into each contracted worker’s qualifications and training.


Faster induction

Contracted workers are ready to work faster by completing site-specific training and assessments before they arrive to the job.


Higher-quality work

Get the most out of your outsourcing investment by making sure only the right people are allowed to work at your sites.

Manage your workers on the go

It’s easier than ever to manage who comes on-site for a job. Find the compliance status of your workforce for every site. Enable workers to track their own tasks and check-in to a site.  Learn More

Manage your workers on the go with the new Avetta App

Take the work out of qualifying your workforce

Improving compliance and safety from the individual level

View worker certifications, training programmes and documentation all within one mobile app.

worker requirements
active workers

Is there hidden risk in your supply chain?

Risk management | White Paper

A comprehensive solution that simplifies site attendance and worker compliance

Document upload

Avetta helps make sure that supplier employees have the necessary certifications and licences before they come on site

Share worker information across multiple sites seamlessly

The data collected is easily accessible from any web-enabled device and can be used to fulfil unique requirements for multiple sites.

Worker Management
Learning management system

Save time by enabling supplier employees to complete site-specific orientation and induction training online before they arrive

Build knowledge retention through assessments

Avetta's worker management tools allow you to track lesson completion, verify knowledge retention and record workforce training and certification so workers are ready to start as soon as the project begins.

Worker Management
System-to-system connectivity

Avetta helps remove data siloes, providing operation managers with the information they need every time

Connect to other systems in your internal technology ecosystem easily

Enrich human resource and badging systems with crucial information from Avetta for better risk management decisions, increased security and improved access control.

Worker Management
Time and attendance

With built-in geotagging, you can see exactly when workers leave so you’re not paying for time they’re not working

Track who is on site and when for improved payment or tracking needs

The Time and Attendance feature allows clients to see who's onsite in real-time in case of an emergency. For suppliers, this feature allows you to find out when your workers checked into the work site and when they checked out and much more.

Worker Management
QR code scanning

A simple scan pulls up full compliance status and is compatible with any device, anywhere

Access worker compliance details on site right from your phone

For suppliers this capability puts your green-lighted workers at ‘ready-set-go’ status once they arrive on site. For workers this is your QR code, which is tied to your training and compliance records within Avetta Worker Management.

Worker Management
Worker variance

Override a worker’s compliance status for a site, role or requirement

A solution that gives you total control over who is on site

Does a worker need more time to complete training or other requirement? Is a green-flagged contractor consistently being delinquent? This feature allows clients to adjust a worker’s compliance timeframe and much more.

Worker Management

Keep the entire extended enterprise secure

With visibility into the lower levels of your supply chains, you can mitigate risk more confidently


Case Study

Universal Pegasus

Universal Pegasus International enhances safety culture and bolsters safety training with Avetta

To remain competitive and drive its quality and safety goals, UPI wanted to enhance its vendor prequalification process, centralise prequalification, and improve employee safety training functions while cultivating a long-standing safety culture across the organisation.


Avetta was a really a big resource we brought in. They helped escalate our culture in a positive way.

Rick Rynicki, Vice President, UPI
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