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Managing Supply Chain Risks for the Pharmaceutical Industry

While new regulations and compliances complicate pharma supply chains, Avetta simplifies the scene with one centralised system. There companies can manage potential risk areas—reducing administrative burden and costs. 

Avetta Industries Pharmaceutical

How Avetta helps the Pharmaceutical Industry continue life-saving innovations while managing risk

Without Avetta

A patchwork of regulations, contractors, and complexity

Contractors and other vendors come and go, and regulations are constantly changing, making it hard to keep up.

Without Avetta
With Avetta

Supply chain technology that brings everything together

Avetta centralises and streamlines Supplier management in a state-of-the-art platform, while sharing the burden of changing regulations and a complex network of supply chain risks.

With Avetta

With complexity comes a growing amount of risk

Outsourcing Icon

Reliance on outsourcing is rising

Outsourcing is increasing due to the uptake in demand, which can place inexperienced contractors at the forefront. If products are defective or labels incorrectly applied, it will be your organisation who is responsible.  

Paperwork Icon

Inconsistency leads to incidents

Pharma companies must manage diverse processes to bring a drug to market. Having any inconsistencies in product development, paperwork, and even contractors and suppliers can lead to damaging repercussions. 

Distribution Icons

Development and distribution

New and complex delivery processes can create challenges. As you increasingly rely on external partners for transportation, inventory management, packaging and more, it’s easy for incidents to disrupt the flow of distribution. 

Compliance icon

Regulating your regulatory compliance

Being uncompliant with governmental regulations can drastically affect your bottom line. With the potential of penalties, fees and lawsuits, your organisation needs the assurance that comes with contractor compliance. 

Find Pharmaceutical Suppliers   on the Avetta Network

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.  

Reduce risk with simple solutions

Risk Icon

Complete visibility into supplier risk

Avetta helps shed light on hidden areas of risk. You’ll be able to track things such as supplier financial stability, the sustainability principles of subcontractors and more. This gives you the whole picture of who’s involved and what effect they have on your supply chain.  

Paperwork Icon

Expect consistent compliance

Our services help ensure compliance with every project. With our contractor management software, we verify that the temporary workforce you employ has all of the necessary training and certifications for the work they are assigned.  

Distribution Icon

Win with distribution

Ensuring distribution success means having a strong supplier base you can trust. Avetta helps you find the missing parts to your distribution line—with over 100,000 suppliers internationally, we can help you distribute to new markets with ease.  

Partner Icon

Untangle regulatory obstructions

Partnering with Avetta will get you a dedicated team of professionals who verify that the contractors you employ are properly trained and certified according to yours and industry standards. 

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