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Securing supply chains for the Facilities Management industry

Optimise your network, manage risk, and meet the demands of your customers on Avetta Connect™ – a single source of truth for Facilities Management.

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How Avetta helps Facilities Management companies run smoother

Without Avetta

Unnecessary costs and unqualified vendors can find a way in.

Facilities juggle many external vendors, with only partial visibility into who’s coming and going – while facing ever-present cost pressures.

Without Avetta
With Avetta

Unlock location-by-location visibility and unprecedented efficiency.

Ensure your facilities contractors meet your standards, get visibility into every location, and even manage badging and gate access through Avetta.

With Avetta

Balancing efficiency, security, and scale to secure the facility management supply chain

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Costs are a constant pressure

Costs affect competitiveness. Costs incurred by contractors can be a hidden source of inefficiency – as can the costs of ensuring those contractors are compliant. How do your facility costs stack up?

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Efficient networks take time to build

Managing your supply chain means weighing all the parts: Location, personnel, costs, and much more. Granular analysis of this data is challenging – but necessary to find efficiencies.

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Access is a hot-button issue

From technicians and janitors to security guards, contractors are always coming and going. How do you ensure a secure flow of people without creating an impossible administrative burden?

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Management is expensive and hard to scale

Effective management has true visibility on every contractor. With that comes mountains of documentation, all of which you’ll need to process, organise, and store.

Manage Suppliers on the Avetta Network.

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of facilities management Suppliers, vetted and verified to meet the industry’s demanding standards.

Building a more efficient, secure system, location by location

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A network of validated suppliers

Shrink costs and ensure all your facilities contractors meet your standards by tapping into the Avetta network. Browse thousands of verified vendors, all in one place.

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Tools for efficient networks

Create logical location clusters and have the tools to analyze, review, and refine your facility operations. Contractor documentation, including insurance, audits, and compliance details, lives on a single digital system.

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Visibility into your teams

Know the qualifications and capabilities of your contractors, so you can ensure your teams work in harmony and tasks are completed correctly the first time.

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Clarity down to the individual worker

Prequalify individual workers for access to specific sites. You can even integrate Avetta with HR and badging systems to ensure only qualified personnel have gate access.

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