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Modern supply chain risk management for the Chemical industry

In a sector where careful handling is non-negotiable, Avetta provides a unified solution to help you vet and retain qualified suppliers and navigate a unique compliance landscape.

Avetta Industries Chemicals

How Avetta helps the Chemical industry stay safe and compliant.

Without Avetta

A patchwork of regulations, contractors, and complexity.

Contractors come and go, while regulations are constantly amended, making it hard to keep up. But the hazards of the job don’t change – and an unexpected audit is always a possibility.

Without Avetta
With Avetta

Supply chain technology that brings everything together.

Avetta centralises and streamlines Supplier management in a state-of-the-art platform, while sharing the burden of keeping track of changing regulations.

With Avetta

Contractor compliance is a constantly moving target

Compliant Icon

You’re only as compliant as your contractors

Chemical organisations partner with contractors to take on the complex task of chemical industry compliance and hazardous industry management. But when they don’t deliver, the costs come out of your bottom line.

Regulations Icon

Regulations are an ever-shifting landscape

Regional, state, and international regulations often change, but chemical operations often struggle to roll out new standards across their suppliers – opening them up to fines and penalties.

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Audits happen – whenever they happen

The worst time to start thinking about safety and OSHA chemical inventory requirements is when regulatory inspectors come knocking. By then it’s too late and you could be at risk for fines and penalties.

Data icon

Data is hard to wrangle

Verifying contractors is a record-intensive process, and that operational data can quickly overwhelm an administrative team, slowing workflows and making errors more likely.

Find Chemical Suppliers on the Avetta Network.

The Avetta platform provides access to a roster of industry-leading professionals, vetted and verified to meet your team’s standards.

A solution that keeps pace with fast-evolving operations

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A network of qualified chemical contractors

Work with service providers that meet every chemical contractor compliance standard: OSHA, REACH, ISO, ATSM, and, of course, yours. The Avetta network offers access to chemical contractors you can trust with your inventory.

Regulations Icon

Chemical compliance and regulation monitoring

It takes vigilance to keep up with changing regulations. Avetta does the monitoring for you and helps you roll new regulations out to your supplier base on an international scale.

Audit Icon

Tools for audits and evaluation

Administer in-platform supplier audits and use the results to prepare your entire organisation for regulatory checks. That’s more peace of mind and fewer fines.

Analytics Icon

A robust analytics platform

Avoid a paper pile-up by joining forces with Avetta. On the Avetta ConnectTM platform, organisations have the tools to run the numbers on their supply chains – turning data into valuable business insights.

Avetta Connect interface background image

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