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Site Access 

Streamline and control worker access to your sites and projects.

Connecting a Safer Workforce

Control access to your work sites and projects for improved safety on your sites and projects. 

Each attendee logs in and out at an access point at the beginning and end of their time on your site with an Avetta access card connected to the worker profile. This gives you full visibility into who they are, the work they are doing, and their on-site hours. 


How Site Access Works

Suppliers must meet your specific safety standards, prequalifying with valid insurance, safety systems, licenses, etc. Workers must prove their qualification to your set roles with valid licenses, certifications, training and inductions.

Only when each organization and its workers have reached compliance will they be given access to your site, where you will:

  • Manage their access with log points, kiosks, boom gates, turnstiles, and mobile solutions
  • Report on their competence at any time with business intelligence solutions

Avetta’s capabilities provide need-to-know information enabling effective workforce management, from the validity of a worker’s induction, to their fatigue level and the expiry date of their licenses. The solution sends electronic reminders about expiring documents to maintain safety and compliance.


Real-time ability to view and validate all worker information

Detailed data to make informed staffing decisions

Monitor Health & Fatigue
Report on and track worker fatigue and temperature levels

Manage Access
Use logpoints, kiosks, boom gates, turnstiles, and mobile solutions to manage site access

Emergency Events
Set and display emergency information and check who is safe in an evacuation

Allow access only to workers and assets with proven, verified compliance

The Benefits of Site Access

Site Access enables you to 

  • Validate all worker information in real-time 
  • Verify access based on company pre-qualification and worker competencies 
  • Manage fatigue levels and report on work hours 
  • Get alerts on expiring inductions & licenses 
  • Reconcile time sheets and invoices 
  • Schedule reports 
  • Create emergency evacuation plans 
  • Making informed staffing decisions 
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