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Avetta Training New Zealand

NZQA registered and accredited training courses. Keeping workers safe, competent, and compliant in their fields of expertise.

Explore all of our in-depth training courses available in New Zealand across a variety of industries. Click on each course to learn how the program can meet your training requirements, what prerequisites are needed, the skills gained, and how to register.


Bookings for Avetta Training courses held in New Zealand can be made by completing the enquiry form on the course pages, or by calling our bookings team in New Zealand on 07 542 0857.

Our trainers are all highly skilled experts in their fields of training delivery and assessment

We're a multi-award winning NZQA registered and accredited training provider specialising in industry training, workplace assessment, and management consultancy services. We're involved with NZQA and ITO moderation and actively participate on NZQA review panels. Training through a NZQA quality assured Tertiary Education Organisation ensures that training delivery and assessment meets the Education Act and provides for an auditable quality assurance system for our customers. As an industry partner and quality provider, we have been recognised by the loyalty of our clients and the receipt of multiple ITO awards.

We work closely with industry bodies, regularly acting as expert advisors and client advocates. We participate in:

  • Industry working groups to review and develop industry qualifications and assessment standards
  • ITO qualification and assessment standard development
  • NZQA advisory groups
  • Advisory groups for NZQA for Business, Management and Adult Education since 2000

Avetta Training New Zealand are:

  • Part of the Cranes Association advisory group on high-risk licencing to meet Worksafe requirements
  • Part of the working group to review the Health and Safety qualifications and standards with The Skills Organisation
  • Approved providers of industry apprentice and gateway programmes
  • Approved providers of EWRB competence programmes and recommended by EWRB for assisting overseas workers to become registered

Accredited members of

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